July 26, 2017

After You

"I can never go through a door alone. Where's the fun in that?" Kate Mueth, the indefatigable founder of the Neo-Political Cowgirls theater and dance company offered that gem to Bridget LeRoy in this week's feature about her latest multifaceted adventure at Guild Hall, and beyond.

She got us thinking.

This week's Indy presents readers with a slew of opportunities to open a door and bring friends through. It's the peak of gala season and events abound. Bike rides, races, food tastings, cocktails, musical performances, pop up shopping, all offer a chance for toney or down-homey fun.

But there's more to it than that.

In all the social whirl, the people watching, celebrity sightings, and fashion or fitness focus, it's easy to forget what spurred the creation of so many special events, to steal a Christmas motto, "the reason for the season."

Each event was launched to benefit a charity, whether local or national. Each event invites us to walk through a door, enter a new world, and lend a helping hand.

The East End, and The Hamptons in particular, can get a bad rep. We're dissed for snobbery, for bad manners, for crowds of obnoxious elite, for a whole lot of bad drivers and even more traffic.

But we can be so much more than that. We can open doors and pull others through and up. This weekend, we can pick a charity or local organization and help out, as volunteers in organizations like the Ladies Village Improvement Society have been doing for decades. We can do it, not just during the summer gala season, but all year long.

The Independent is proud to sponsor this weekend's inaugural Jordan's Run, the Travis Memorial Bracket Bash and upcoming memorial softball tournament, the UNCF benefit, and Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation's Hamptons Happening, and more. We invite readers to join us in helping the local and national charitable organizations, learn about all they do in our pages each week, take our hand, and come on through the door.

After you.

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