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July 10, 2013

What A Shocker

No one was surprised when the letters from our health insurance provider came in The Independent mail Friday. Oxford has petitioned the state to allow it to raise health insurance rates between 13 and 15 percent depending on the plan.

Yes, we know it goes up every year, but this increase is a particularly bitter pill to swallow since the nation was sold a bill of goods by the White House a few short years ago.

We all remember the fable: "Once upon a time the great Liberal president vowed to provide health care for all Americans, no matter how poor, even children, and decrease rates for everyone by implementing a brilliant new plan called Obamacare."

"But how can that be?" the skeptics asked. "Won't hard working Americans end up paying for those who can't afford their own insurance?"

"Ah no, grasshopper. The money will come from the gold pot at the end of the great Rainbow Coalition and there will be plenty for all who wish to dip their beaks."

Yeah, right. The White House recently announced it is delaying the key element of Obamacare – that companies with over 50 employees must provide health benefits to its workers.

The stated reason is that the government isn't ready to implement it and many businesses aren't ready to comply. What the government is not telling the people is that it was counting on millions of more policies being written to help defray the costs of the insurance being given away. So guess who ends up paying?

We warned in these pages three years ago the Obamacare wouldn't work. Companies with 60 or so employees would save money by cutting jobs to get under the threshold.

Now, cheaper insurance plans are being offered to make them more affordable. That means hard working people logging 40 hour shifts will have health plans that are inferior to the ones being given to people who for whatever reason don't work at all.

A recent poll shows Americans on both sides of the political fence want Obamacare repealed – before they go broke.

"Once upon a time there was a great Liberal president who said he would solve the nation's illegal immigration problem . . . "

Uh oh. Does anyone out there think this is NOT going to turn out badly?

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