January 30, 2013

Time To Finally Come Clean

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, her place in history assured and on the verge of retirement, had a chance to cement her legacy and set the record straight – and she muffed it.

Last week testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Clinton repeatedly tried to change history and continued to defend the big lie the administration told about the Benghazi consulate attack last September 11.

To digress, we like and admire Ms. Clinton. The Clintons are well liked in these parts, and are frequent visitors. The President is kind, he spends a lot of money locally, he's a big tipper (that counts for a lot to us working stiffs), and the caddies at Atlantic Golf Course love him. Some of Hillary's most ardent supporters, and biggest contributors, live out here. We welcome the news the couple is house-hunting out here.

But come on. The attack on the consulate was an organized, radical effort, not coincidentally occurring on 9/11, that had been "in the air" for quite some time. The administration was warned to beef up security there.

Instead, President Obama, locked in a tight race for his job, concocted one of the flimsiest cover stories to come out of Washington in quite some time – that some obscure YouTube video triggered the riots. Four Americans were killed including Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, whose body was publicly defiled. Obama even had agents drag the poor fool who made the video in for questioning. Did this administration think Americans are so naive that we can't tell the difference between a terrorist attack and a bad movie review?

Ask yourself: had you ever heard of Sam Bacile? Did you know of or hear anything about his 14-minute video before 9/11? The press certainly didn't.

It is incredible to suggest some crazed terrorists in hiding somehow were privy to it, and more unbelievable they decided to stage an international incident after viewing an obscure video that wasn't publicized in any manner, made by an anonymous amateur. Frankly, there are worse videos out there, more critical of the Muslim world.

Consider two consulates and an embassy were attacked simultaneously that night. Al Qaeda flags were raised triumphantly at each location. Muslim leaders pointedly said the raids were coordinated, and were probably triggered by President Obama's ill-timed statement that Al Qaeda were "on the wane."

Even our own intelligence officials were privately telling the press the real truth. Obama continued his charade for a full week, even as the Secretary of State tried futilely to downplay the event.

The President was reelected. Ms. Clinton is resigning, but should she decide to run for president in 2016, this issue will haunt her. It's time to come clean; the families of those murdered deserve the truth.

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