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October 17, 2012


Misguided Policy

To The Editor,

The Democratic National Committee and a slew of other left wing groups are spending a fortune on ads trashing Tim Bishop's opponent, Randy Altschuler. They're funding this smear campaign because they can't defend Mr. Bishop's record. He has supported every misguided policy of the Obama machine, from massive spending to energy industry shutdowns to the HHS mandate's assault on the First Amendment's guarantee of religious liberty. And he hasn't said a word about the Libya lies and cover-up, or the idiocy of Obama's support of a self-admitted enemy of the US, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Bishop also bashes Mr. Altschuler for "outsourcing jobs." Mr. Altschuler's previous company did hire people in India and other countries, but he also hired over 700 Americans. That's about 700 more jobs than Mr. Bishop ever created. In fact Mr. Bishop's only attempt at running anything, his stewardship of Southampton College, resulted in the loss of 1,000 jobs and the closing of the College. And there's no telling how many jobs were lost because of Mr. Bishop's support for Obama's wild spending, for failed investments of taxpayer money (Solyndra, the Volt, etc.) and for radical environmental policies which unnecessarily cripple American companies' ability to compete.

Randy Altschuler is an experienced and successful businessman, not a political hack. He understands how our Free Enterprise system works and why government's role should be to enable businesses to flourish, not to dictate their every action. We now have the most radically left wing, statist administration in our history, and Mr. Bishop has gone along with this downhill ride to Socialism in every respect. 

This election we have a very clear choice: Tim Bishop's policy of more government intrusion and more reckless spending, or Randy Altschuler's goal of common sense policies, responsible spending, and a limited government that is far more in keeping with the vision of our Founders and with America's 200 year tradition of opportunity, prosperity and success. 


A Stupid Idea

Dear Rick,

The recent news concerning an application for a car wash at the Star Room property is as ill conceived as anything I have ever heard of. More dumping on Wainscott -- look at the ugly corridor, as it is now! Why not add a tattoo parlor, head shop, or palm reader?

Traffic is already a nightmare and impossible to get out of East Gate and West Gate Road as it is. A shoulder that is only 30 inches wide and cars will line up waiting to get in, will block westbound traffic that is usually at a standstill, especially in the mornings and afternoons, often backed up, from the light at Sagg Road.

Moronic statements from Diana Weir and Ms.[Laurie] Wiltshire are astonishing. Screening will only hide the building. The equipment is inside.

What a novel idea! Have you ever seen a wash with the equipment outside? No noise? Correct, but only when it is closed. Blowers roaring like a 757, every two minutes and up to more than a hundred times a day, smack dab in a residential area. Lights blaring at night.

Imagine cars on line. Imagine, the planned exit and entrance on East Gate Road. Imagine five cars in line on East Gate Road to turn onto Rt. 27, forcing cars to navigate a way out, North on East Gate to a dead end. East on Cowhill Road to Wainscott-Harbor Road, making these quiet residential streets impassible for residents to get out. Emergency vehicles if needed, cannot gain access easily, putting us at risk.

Lines of cars on Cowhill Road waiting to turn to get out, backing up back to East Gate Road, completing the disaster.

A Max Sennett movie? Not exactly, just a bonehead expansion plan to lessen the quality of life in Wainscott, soon to be renamed WAINSQUATT! The dumping ground of East Hampton.

What in the world are they thinking? If we wanted to live on Hempstead Turnpike in Levittown, we would move there. Try a hose and bucket like the rest of us.

NIMBY? You're damned right! Not needed, not feasible, not wanted. Not to mention, it's a stupid idea. You cannot fix stupid with duct tape.


Beyond Common Sense

Dear Editor,

Remember when Hillary Clinton asked the US who would answer the phone at 2 AM? Where was our president the night that the ambassador and other Americans were killed in Libya? Reports are he slept in peace. It appears to be his agenda that no national security meetings are held for days and weeks. Other priorities seem to take his attention away from his number one Constitutional mandate: the security of our country - which includes our embassies and citizens abroad. 

Why did he withdraw our military protection from that and other embassies? Why, when Ambassador Stevens pleaded for more security, was there no response from the president? Why is our military not allowed to have bullets when assigned to dangerous countries? And why did the president send this homosexual man to a Muslim country where the Sharia sentence for such a person is death?  

The whole scenario is beyond common sense or rational thought. And why is the president allowing the infiltration of those affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House inner circle?

Do we truly want a president who cares so little for American lives that he callously goes to bed, not even asking to be awakened with breaking news? Do we really want a president who waited till midway through the following day to make a statement, similar to his lack of response at the Fort Hood terrorist shootings?

Then, to criticize Mitt Romney for correctly calling it a terrorist attack? Excuse me? Is it more important to schedule celebrity meet ups and golf outings than to meet with his cabinet and attend his security meetings?

I cannot vote for such a person, he's proven he's not man enough for the job. He can hold the future of our country in his hands, especially with a Congress without backbone to stop his many executive orders that bypass Constitutional boundaries.  

My vote goes for Mitt Romney, a man of integrity, intelligence, determination and courage.  May God bless America.



Dear Editor,

To all people: have faith on the beautiful South Fork – come Election Day don't forget to get out and vote. It's important, there's a lot riding on the outcome. We can't afford another four years of Obama.


A Great Legacy

To The Editor,

What's up with the cartoon calling the late Jim Henson a chauvinist pig? Free speech is our right but, seriously?  Miss Piggy debuted on the Muppet Show in '76. The Sesame Street Muppets have had a few notable female characters in recurring roles and there have been a number of lady Muppeteers since then, and wasn't Maria a Hispanic woman?  

Public funding for the Sesame Workshop as CTW used to be called has always been a hot question but public funding has also been given to the arts for works of 'art' that some may deem offensive.  

I grew up with the Sesame Street gang and somehow made it through childhood with a strong sense of self-worth, and did not wonder why there wasn't a Black Muppet. Jim Henson left us a great legacy that will educate and entertain my son and many other kids years from now. You can hate all you want, but let a kid be a kid.


Special Exemption

Dear Editor,

To understand the economy west of the canal and why a recently-built, but useless, recharge basin hurt that economy, one must begin by investigating how housing came to be built in the middle of a horse farm.  

To recap: a special exception was filed to operate a 30-acre farm; the town forbade usage not included in the application; the farm was sold.

To continue: included in the sale were a barn and a pre-fab ranch. The ranch was occupied by the seller who filed the special exception. The new owner/developer allowed the seller to remain in the ranch after the sale. Because the ranch was included with the land, property owners adjacent to the 30 acres might not have understood that the seller no longer owned the ranch. 

While giving the appearance of still owning, the seller filed a new application, this time on behalf of the new owner/developer, to re-configure the farm and to build a housing subdivision. It is unclear what the seller communicated to planning board members or to an equestrienne who would eventually purchase the re-configured horse farm, however, the involvement of both the seller and new owner/developer caused some confusion as evidenced in planning board files. 

The pre-fab in which the seller remained would become the housing in the middle of the farm and would be included in the subdivision that contributed to awkward land use and street flooding improperly addressed by the Highway Department.  

From the above, it can be concluded that Southampton's planning board should, as part of its process, require any non-owner who files an application to state whether he has an interest in the outcome of a subdivision, and of course the Highway Department should also understand all ownership issues. 


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