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November 01, 2017

In The Hamptons With Joey Wölffer

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Joey Wölffer's brand represents the Hamptons aesthetic like none other. Her namesake boutique in Sag Harbor is a unique spot that includes women's clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

At Joey Wölffer you'll shop vintage finds and new items including her own collection of handbags. She opened the world's first luxury boutique on wheels, the Styleliner, and has hosted pop ups in locales like Nantucket and Culver City. She also runs her family's Wölffer Estate Vineyard and she does it all with her classic whimsical, boho-chic style.

What inspired you to create your handbag collection?

I really felt I wanted to capture and create a lifestyle brand around the Hamptons in a way that was authentic to the Hamptons culture of the past. As a former jewelry designer with Jones Apparel Group in London, I always had a passion for accessories. To me accessories are so much more personal than clothing. You can give yourself so much personality with one simple accessory.

When I had been shopping, I was never finding the perfect saddle bags I was looking for and through my travels shopping for the Styleliner, I began sourcing custom fabrics, metals, and more to create my first bag. Entrepreneurship runs deep in my veins and this was the natural next step for me at the time.

What are some of your favorite places to travel for vintage finds?

Paris is number one in terms of classic cities that I like to go to in order to be inspired by fashion, as well as the food and the wine. I love South America as well. Rio [de Janeiro] is one of my favorite cities, and Buenos Aires has a great fashion sense, mainly in the sense of inspiration. I love the colors and the vibe -- and the wine and food are great there as well. Marrakech is great, and Fez was really exciting, too. 

Where did you come up with the idea for the Styleliner?

I launched the Styleliner at the height of the recession seeing an opportunity to bring fashion to the customer just as food trucks were bringing food. I had no intention at the time of opening a brick and mortar store. I was able to grow the truck business quickly with a lot of hard work (some tears), but when I became pregnant with Nell, I knew the nomad lifestyle would have to change.

A few months before I gave birth I found the perfect spot in Sag Harbor on Madison Street. It was an old artist's studio and the layout was just perfect for what I was looking for. Since then I have moved to a larger storefront and also just closed out my second summer shop in Nantucket and a summer-long pop up in LA. 

Do you have any trunk shows coming up?

We have trunk shows coming up in Bedford, NY, Greenwich, CT, and a TX tour in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin in November.

Any plans to expand the Joey Wölffer Boutique to additional locations? 

This summer we opened a much bigger location in Sag Harbor. We also had our pop-up location in Nantucket again this summer and we are continuing to expand our line. We don't have plans for other locations at the moment, but my mantra is always "Wait for the perfect location, it will always come to you!" This has really worked for me this year in all of my businesses.

What are some of your favorite things to do in The Hamptons?

Being in the Hamptons, of course spending time at the beach is one of my favorite things to do. Gibson Beach is my go-to. I'd stop at Serene Green on the way, a farm stand with everything from fresh berries to seafood, and on a perfect day I'd of course go shopping. There are a unique variety of stores like Black Swan Antiques for fabulous antique furniture and Collette Consignment, the ultimate consignment treasure box.

As far as food, depends on what I'm in the mood for. For sushi, I'd head to Sen in Sag Harbor and for Italian -- Tutto il Giorno. To be honest though, we also love to just pack up dinner and eat it on the beach. At the end of a perfect day I'd be at Buddha Berry, eating yummy frozen-yogurt and assorted toppings. 

What's next for Joey Wölffer? 

My second daughter is due in December so planning on spending the holidays with my family. Then gearing up again to continue to expand my own line and a few very exciting projects coming out this summer!

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