September 13, 2017

Vintage And Handmade Finds From Missouri Import Company

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Missouri Import Company, aka Mo. Import Co., is an Amagansett-based collection of storied goods sourced by Dakota Arkin Cafourek, a wayfaring gal from the East End, and Andrew Cafourek, a code writing, bearded man from the Midwest.

The husband and wife team are bringing vintage and handmade home goods from across the country back to New York, as they scout shops and items, hand-selecting unique finds for their inventory. What Mo. Import Co. provides is a combination of furniture, textiles, gear, and grooming.

"We salvage and refurbish furniture, and collaborate with diverse craftspeople to spread their talent," said Dakota. "I fell in love with the Midwest through my Minnesota-born, Missouri-raised husband," she continued.

After finding special selections of handmade Americana, the couple drives a truck full of goods crosscountry back to their home turf — the Hamptons and New York City.

"We are drawn to character and a good character has a good story and is good fun, and that is what we look for when we make these selections from our travels and wanderings," said Dakota. "Call us dreamers, but we like knowing each piece in the home can tell a story."

Mo. Import Co. will host its first-ever New York City pop up at Artists & Fleas Soho this Monday through Sunday, September 24. For more information, to purchase items, or to read stories of the duo's adventures, visit www.moimport.co.

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