September 13, 2017

Eat/ing Your Heart Out

A still from Ilana Babou-Harris's Cooking with the Erotic. (click for larger version)
Crush Curatorial in Amagansett presents "Eat/ing Your Heart Out," an investigation of how, why, how much, and what drives our impulse to eat. The show is part of an ongoing collaboration with Brooklyn-based artist and curator Molly Surno. Along with Surno, the show includes artists Ilana Babou Harris, Christopher Chiappa, Christina Crawford, R. Crumb, Cheryl Donegan, Suzan Pitt, Joshua Schwartz, Allie Wist, and Elaine Tin Nyo.

"Molly and I have been having conversations about what an exhibit space can bring to the East End that is outside the traditional gallery structure," said Karen Hesse Flatow, founder of Crush Curatorial. "'Eat/ing Your Heart Out' will not only have performance and media-based work in the exhibit space, but will also expand beyond the potato barn walls."

Throughout the exhibition there will be a series of events including dinners, talks, and cooking classes. Event collaborators include Rirkrit Tiravanija, Almond Zigmund, and Scott Bluedorn. From hosting an artists' dinner at Almond Restaurant in Bridgehampton, to a communal dinner with Tirivanija, to a foraging walk with Bluedorn, the show expands far beyond the gallery walls.

"There is nothing more binding or alienating than eating, which is the subject of investigation for 'Eat/ing Your Heart Out,'" said Surno. "Food pleasure is a topic that we find on Instagram, on Pinterest, in blogs… so we are very savvy about looking almost in an erotic way at eating. 'Eat/ing Your Heart Out' poses a series of questions from the future of eating to sexual confusion and longing," she continued.

On display will be legendary cartoonist Crumb's original drawings from the cookbook, Eat It, made up of his wife's recipes; Donegan's Craft, where a variety of sculptures are made with the artist's tongue; the installation, Recipe for Potable Water, by Wist, a method for desalinating ocean water for drinking in the face of sea level rise; Surno's vagina cake, animating the hyperbolic relationship between sexual desire and eating; Chiappa's Swiss Project, wall pieces made from deli-collected Swiss cheese which are then enlarged and turned into water-cut aluminum sculptures; among several others.

There is an opening reception on Saturday from 6 to 9 PM. The show will run through October 2. For more details on additional events visit www.crush-curatorial.com.

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