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August 30, 2017

Foray Golf Comes To The Hamptons

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They're not your mother's golf clothes. Founded by fashion industry veteran Megan LaMothe, Foray Golf aims to encourage and empower women to increase participation on the golf course by providing limited edition fashion apparel that performs. The line is taking women's golf where it has never been. Foray has everything a lady needs to look luxurious on the links.

Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get started in the fashion industry?

I had always wanted to work in fashion and I knew my time to hustle was while studying for my MBA at NYU Stern. There isn't a clear path into the industry, so I took on as many internships, jobs, and research opportunities as I could. I worked for multiple fashion brands, beauty companies, and even IMG, where I scored a gig working in the Bryant Park tents. Fashion Week was an awakening and I remember crying during my first show thinking that I had finally arrived.

In reality, I graduated from NYU Stern in the worst historic period retail has ever seen, so the journey went on. I spent a year at Fox News and another as an apprentice in a small boutique in Boston. Then finally I took a position at Victoria's Secret and spent the last five years learning and reinventing the concept to market process. Through it all, I realized how much I loved operations and how much more fashion companies should be considering the end consumer experience.

Hence, Foray Golf! We launch new limited edition collections every few weeks -- only 50-200 of any given piece -- so you have to get them before they're sold out.

What inspired you to create a line of golf attire? 

Golf in particular is one of those activities that opens doors—into the boardroom and other reaches that may have otherwise been closed. We know when women play, it helps them get ahead, both personally and professionally. One of the most alarming pieces of research we found is that more women don't play because they historically haven't liked the clothing. That insight ignited our brand and we set out to create fashion-forward apparel that works on and off the course.

Ultimately, Foray Golf is all about my daughter -- she's the Rae in "Foray" (for-Rae). The goal is to show her how you can work hard and build something while doing good for the community around you. We are big supporters of CMEE in Bridgehampton as well as Girls Golf, a segment of the LPGA focused on girls-only instruction. Fashion on the golf course is number one for us, but it always has to be done with respect and love for our community.

Where can we find Foray Golf in The Hamptons?

Our entire collection is at Addo in Sag Harbor (7 Main Street, Sag Harbor) -- they run a beautifully merchandized store. We also just wrapped a pop-up shop in East Hampton at Set Point Tennis (47 ˝ Main Street, East Hampton). We're looking at a small number of exclusive pro-shops for 2018, but in the meantime you can always find us and our new limited-edition collections at

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