The team at Hampton Lashes (from left) Yolanda Sanmartin, Angela Alban, and Maricela Pintado Kitty Merrill. (click for larger version)
Say goodbye to skinny, invisible eyelashes.

Say goodbye to tube after tube of mascara and special enhancing treatments that promise longer, thicker lashes . . . and lie.

Say goodbye to countless moments spent glopping on said mascara, trying to use the little comb -- or, in some cases, a straight pin -- in an attempt to separate clumps of black goo.

Say goodbye to eyelash curlers and the three or four badly-needed lashes they pull out as they curl your other five.

Say goodbye to tugging and pulling as you try to remove mascara.

Say goodbye to drug store falsies and all the fine motor necessary to apply them, not to mention the tweezers and the stinging glue.

Say goodbye to Gene Simmons-style raccoon eyes by lunchtime.

And say hello to eyelash extensions.

Four years ago, Cosmo predicted eyelash extensions would be "the new mani-pedi," and gauging by the swift business Hampton Lashes is doing, the glam mag's forecast was spot on.

Tucked into a fresh white space at 10 Main Street in East Hampton, sharing a locale with A Studio upstairs, Hampton Lashes just moved to the new site last winter, according to proprietor Angela Alban.

Alban studied cosmetology in her native Ecuador before coming to The Hamptons 20 years ago. She headed back to beauty school on Long Island, and has been doing lashes for the last six years – in salons in Hampton Bays, Southampton, at her home, and now in East Hampton. "Wow! What a traveler," she joked.

Over the years, she's built the clientele she shares with her assistant Maricella Pintado and a new member of the team, Yolanda Sanmartin. Sanmartin, a master colorist who specializes in makeup and hair treatments, is a key part of an expansion of services Hampton Lashes offers.

During Indy's visit, a client was in for a hair extensions touchup, the color painstakingly developed to blend with her natural hair. "This was only supposed to be for my wedding," said Rachel. "And I'm still here a year and a half later."

Describing a typical first time for a lash client, Alban said a little Q&A is warranted when a client comes in for her initial application: "I want to know something about her lifestyle so we can make the best selection." A person who swims or works out a lot may want to choose a more modest length than one who's out for glamour.

In fact, Denise, a swim instructor, said she uses shorter lashes during the summer. Otherwise, "they hit my goggles." She became a lash extension devotee because she's allergic to mascara.

After the lifestyle question, next up is determining which type of lash, which length and curl is most desired and most compatible with the shape of the client's eyes and face. Hampton Lashes offers a variety of eyelash styles, from one that offers the least dramatic change to a glamour set that goes "all the way up to the eyebrows," Alban said.

Every set for every client is individually customized. Alban used lashes from five different companies to create her own collection. "Each company has different styles I love," she said. As with the different brands of glue she uses, developing her collection evolved over the years. "I'm always looking for the new ideas."

Once the initial assessment is made, it's on to the table for the application process. Alban does all she can to ensure the client is comfortable during application, which can take as long as two hours.

Special chaise lounges are covered in soft white sheepskin, with pillows and a comfy blanket available. "I like to make sure it's cozy," Alban said. Soft meditation music plays as the process begins with cooling cucumber patches applied directly under the lower eyelid.

In many cases, clients fall asleep as Alban or Pintado assiduously apply as many as 300 individual lashes to the end of a client's natural lashes.

The process is painless, the results extraordinary. Lush, full fringe that can last as long as three weeks. Individual lashes fall out as natural ones do, so Alban prefers clients return for touchups every two weeks.

Her most popular style is called "the Hampton Set." It provides a subtle boost. There's a noticeable difference, but not falsies-noticeable. "People will ask you what new mascara you're using," Alban said.

And the beauty part is, you're not using any.

To book an appointment, call 631-324-8646 or visit www.hamptonlashes.com.

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