This Saturday over a thousand guests will "Fly into the Sun" at the 24th annual Watermill Center summer benefit and auction. Robert Wilson, founder and artist, will display works alongside over a hundred international creative minds in a world best described as an "enchanted forest and performance art extravaganza."

Uniting the worlds of fashion, art, architecture, performance, design, theatre, and music in an immersive experience, the event takes place throughout the eight-and-a-half acre grounds. Proceeds benefit the Byrd Hoffman Water Mill Foundation, the Watermill Center's year-round residency and education programs.

This year's other-worldly benefit is presented by French Maison Van Cleef & Arpels, and honors Laurie Anderson and Isabelle Huppert. In tribute to the late Lou Reed's life work, his wife, Anderson, renowned artist and musician, will perform her song "Wildebeests," after the evening's dinner. Huppert recently received a Golden Globe, Gotham Award, Spirit Award, and Oscar nomination for her performance in the film Elle.

The event will begin at 6 PM with cocktails, performances, a silent auction, and viewing of the art installations. Dinner follows at 8 with a live auction and additional performances. At 10 PM the evening heats up with dancing and dessert. Dress code is encouraged as "dark shiny matter" with social media hashtags #WatermillCenter #WMCbenefit #FLYINTOTHESUN. Ticket prices start at $650. Call 212-253-7484 ext. 115 or email benefit@watermillcenter.org.

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