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The East End Opry begins its fifth year of presenting locally based musicians and original music. Performances take place every Sunday evening at The Coast Grill in North Sea.

The Coast Grill owners, Peter and Pam Miller, are excited to open their doors to the musicians who have made the East End Opry one of the most beloved musical experiences on the East End.

"I can't express how excited I am to move forward with the presence of the East End Opry to enhance the Coast Grill environment," owner Pam Miller stated. "Hosting East End Opry events is a no brainer for us and a perfect match." The Coast Grill was taken over by the Sag Harbor residents in early February of 2016.

The East End Opry is an informal collective of singer-songwriters and musicians on the East End. The Opry's live series showcases a different featured performer weekly and two 30-minute "spotlight" mini-sets, plus open mic segments with performers who have been approved after submitting a request in advance.

Organizers and founding members of the group, Fred Raimondo and Randolph Hudson, hosted the first Coast Grill performance on Sunday. Cosmic Pioneers performed the first mini-set followed by the feature performer of the evening, Rob Europe. The evening concluded with another mini-set by Glenn Fiedt, followed by the open mic.

The schedule for February includes feature performers Spaghetti Westerners this coming Sunday and Jim Turner on Sunday, February 26. Klyph Black will share hosting duties with Raimondo and Hudson.

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