May 20, 2015

Home Goods Opens

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Boasting a staggering palette of color and texture, the interior of the new Home Goods store in Wainscott is visually arresting. This ain't your upisland establishment.

And that's no surprise. According to spokesperson Robyn Arvedon, the company selects merchandise with an eye toward the store's locale. So, a beachy town gets beachy items to match its feel.

During a media tour prior to the soft opening on Friday (the grand opening was Sunday) Arvedon led members of the press through the expansive store. It's packed to the rafters with everything from sheets and towels to room-sized rugs ($299, and they deliver) to every kind of kitchen and dining gadget you can imagine. Lighting and wall art, picture frames and furniture comprise other segments of Home Goods' offerings.

High-end designer items are available, thanks to the efforts of over 60 buyers who are on the market every day of the year. Buyers know the factories and how to get merchandise at a great price. They buy "opportunistically" and adhere to the "treasure hunt" philosophy, meaning when a store features unique artisan finds, they only buy a few and place them at certain locales. "If you like something, you better pick it up," said interior designer Austin Handler. It might be gone the next day.

The company invited Jennifer Mabley and Austin Handler of Mabley Handler Interior Design to curate a display showcasing Home Goods' most Hampton-esque items. There are plenty to choose from, with chic coastal artwork, decorative accessories and pottery, and tons of plush towels to fill area pool houses.

Not looking to outfit an eight bedroom abode? Troll the accessories aisles and give your home an affordable, quick, on-trend update.


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