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July 30, 2014



July 30 – August 5

Read your rising sign as well, if you know it; or any other sign, as you have each of the 12 signs governing one of the 12 areas of life or 12 astrological houses.

ARIES (March 21-April 20) – Look to the weekend for the activation of that New Moon last Saturday in your 5th house of children, speculation, love affairs, and creative projects. This will stir things up, something you like to do. But be careful of speaking too forcibly or taking things too far too fast. No need to hurry into any new financial arrangement either. The Solar Eclipse upcoming in October is being foreshadowed and conditions might change suddenly.

TAURUS (April 20-May 21) – You ruler Venus is active this week especially tomorrow and Friday, as she runs into Uranus the planet of excitement and freedom first, then Saturn the planet of responsibility and stability. You are jostling between the two, and trying to figure out how to grow in relationship but stay the same at the same time. If someone provokes you, instead of reacting go and clean the garage.

GEMINI (May 21-June 21) – Tomorrow evening your ruler Mercury changes signs and moves into Leo and your 3rd house of siblings, neighbors, close relatives, mental pursuits, education, and short trips, where the New Moon was last Saturday, beginning a month of focus here. Mercury will meet Jupiter the planet of expansion there as well on Saturday which begins a yearly cycle that will further your confidence, eloquence, mental creativity, and facility in transmitting knowledge through either the written or spoken word. Go for it!!

CANCER (June 21-July 20) – With Venus still in your sign, you are strangely feeling contented, but as Venus connected with Neptune on the 24th, Pluto on the 28th and now Uranus, Saturn and Chiron this week on Friday, confusion can reign. Your love life, feelings of self worth, and values can be in the washing machine. There's romantic bliss, passion, electricity and more responsibility and existential suffering than you want, all at the same time. Stay with your feelings as they meander.

LEO (July 20-Aug. 20) – Lucky to be a Leo this week. The New Moon in Leo (both Moon and Sun in Leo once a year) is with Jupiter the planet of abundance (which only happens once every 12 years), inspiring you to begin something enterprising and successful. As Mars is involved, too, just be careful of overdoing. Leos are known for their big hearts, which is where your true creativity lies. Get in touch with what lights you up, what you want to express in the world, where you shine and bring it forth. The planets are on your side.

VIRGO (Aug. 20-Sept. 21) – The week starts out with the Moon in your sign, which might make you more critical and judgmental than need be. Your sign must be honest and have personal integrity. Do not be critical of others without having your own integrity. Your ruler Mercury enters Leo Thursday and connects with Jupiter on Saturday. Go inside and dig out that light that you keep hidden under a basket. It is the week, month and year to reveal your raison d'etre.

LIBRA (Sept. 21-Oct. 19) – When the Moon goes into your sign Thursday morning, the need for tranquility heightens. Chances are that you are not going to find it, though as your ruling planet Venus is meeting all the "big gun" planets in succession, Uranus the exciter Thursday night, Saturn the stabilizer and Chiron the burden carrying one Friday morning and finally Neptune, the doubter Tuesday morning. Watch what you are dedicated to Sunday morning. It plays a future role.

SCORPIO (Oct. 19-Nov. 20) – Mars is in your sign until the 14th of September, so the energy needed for your missionary zeal is picking up steam. This is more so since the New Moon on the 26th began a month of forceful new beginnings for all, but for you in the 10th house of how you are seen in the world, your status, and career. You have to feel emotionally committed to your life, that what you do and who you are with is not just superficial, but carries intensity and passion. If you are bored, you will create the crisis that corrects things.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 20-Dec. 21) – Jupiter your ruler connects with the planet of communication Mercury on Saturday, along with Mars the planet of moving too far too fast. Accidents can happen through angry words or with thinking too loudly. You can forget where you are while driving. You are innately lucky, but just stay in the present moment. It is a present.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 21-Jan. 20) – You are slowly but surely gaining in power over these years, but the power I am talking about is not worldly but inwardly. This week with Saturn and Uranus stuck it feels like you cannot go forward and cannot go backwards. The I Ching has a few hexagrams about it "standing still" and "waiting." The purpose is to get you rooted from deep inside - from your bone marrow and heart center. So if you do have to leap into the abyss, you have yourself to fall back on.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 20) – The Sun is high in the sky now and opposite your birthday month when it is the lowest in the sky. Leos have a lot of individual ego, Aquarians as a rule do not. They seek a group to contribute to. This week your rulers are still locked into that uncomfortable angle that forces an adjustment in thinking and acting. Being a fixed sign, that is one of the four signs that correspond to when the seasons are at their peak, this is rather hard to do. Look to your partner or significant other to show you the way.

PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 21) – We have talked about your ruler Jupiter having just changed signs last week for its every 12th year visit through your 6th house of work, service and health regimes, making opportunities in those areas easier to acquire. It is not particularly a "fun" area of life, but Jupiter there this year brings benefits. What might be more challenging for those of you 50 this year or those of you born March 4th to 8th any year is the wounded healer contacting your natal chart. His passage coincides with you being forced to make a choice as to whether you hibernate for the rest of your life or contribute to the next generation. Those born early March will be called upon to heal the old wounds of existential loneliness and unworthiness, or other unresolved childhood issues.

Kate Plumb, "cycles scientist," is a certified NCGR counseling astrologer who teaches monthly at Joshua's Place in Southampton and sees clients in her home office. She is also certified in Astro*Carto*Graphy -- finding beneficial locations to live. website..www.kateplumbastrology.com,blog www.offtheplumbtree.com Kate can be reached at kplumb@optonline.net or 631-725-9133.

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