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July 02, 2014

Elements Fitness Brings Barre To The Beach

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"Be strong, sexy, and unstoppable," that's the motto for the all new Elements Fitness in East Hampton. It's certainly how I felt after leaving my first Elements Fitness Barre class last week.

The day after my first Elements Fitness Barre class: legs hurt, arms sore, abs on fire but all in a "I've never felt better" kind of way.

Elements Fitness Studio was founded by Andrea Fornarola Hunsberger in 2010 as a dance and fitness consulting and training company. Since its inception, Elements has created customized programming, trained instructors and designed specialized workshops for studios, schools, residential buildings, colleges and universities, and community programs.

Hunsberger has developed programs and introduced classes at many upscale fitness facilities in Manhattan, and now she's bringing the barre to the beach. Through her experience she has developed a unique series of signature classes that she offers exclusively at Elements Fitness Studio.

Elements Barre Fitness fuses principles of ballet conditioning, yoga, and Pilates. This 60-minute group fitness class is a revolutionary conditioning system that reshapes and reforms the body by coupling isometric exercises and interval training. Sounds good to me!

The class is choreographed with a series of exercises linked together strategically to follow ballet barre conditioning and principles of muscle overload to increase the metabolic rate and melt away fat. Sounds even better!

After one class I felt lighter, leaner, sculpted, and toned. And it's no wonder. Hunsberger has taught a star-studded lineup of clients including Kelly Ripa, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Sienfeld, and Kirsten Dunst.

Elements boasts an atmosphere of independent thought and creativity featuring high-energy signature classes in Barre Fitness, Dance Cardio, and HIIT Fusion classes.

The new studio in East Hampton, located at 66 Newtown Lane, offers classes every day of the week for the summer season and will be open year round. Classes are $35 each with a variety of packages to fit your fitness needs.


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