July 02, 2014

Hop On Board The Hampton Hopper

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Launched June 27, the Hampton Hopper is the latest mode of transportation and socialization to hit the East End. The Hopper is a new social club that will use technology and transportation to make getting around The Hamptons in the summer more affordable, convenient, and fun.

Making your summer a bit easier to navigate, the Hampton Hopper combines a network of signature light-green busses with a mobile app for iPhone that lets riders see where the stops are, when they are open, where the Hoppers are, and when the next one is arriving.

The Hopper makes stops in East Hampton, Amagansett and Montauk villages as well as popular establishments like Cyrils and Surf Lodge in the afternoons and evenings.

Service kicks off at 4 PM on Fridays and runs all day Saturday and Sunday until 2 AM, with pickups every hour.

Free for first time users, the Hampton Hopper offers daily memberships for $20, available on-board or in-app. There are also weekend, monthly and seasonal passes available on the app.

See all stop locations on the app or at hamptonhopper.com.

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