July 02, 2014

DJ Julian Cavin At Finale

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By Jessica Mackin

Tomorrow night Hampton Daze Magazine will host a July 4th weekend kickoff party at Finale East Hampton. On board for the night we have crowd favorites DJ Biggie, DJ Adam Lipson, and headliner 4AM DJ, Julian Cavin. It's the Thursday night party that everyone loves at Finale with an extra boost to ring in America's birthday at midnight.

We caught up with Cavin to talk The Hamptons, his favorite music, and how he got his start in DJing.

5 favorite songs at the moment:

1. Flexin and Finessin - Speaker Knockerz

2. Migos - Fight Night

3. Popcaan - Everything Nice

4. About the Money - Young Thug

5. Vic Mensa - Down On My Luck

When did you get your start DJing?

I started DJing three to four years ago when I became sick of promoting.  Pouring vodka sodas was getting tiring and I love music so I bought some turntables, a serato box and a mixer and started messing around. 

Three months later I DJ'd a full night at Goldbar, which looking back on seems crazy, because I barely even understood what cue points were, but it all worked out and ended up showing me how much I still had to learn. 

A lot of my learning took place opening up on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at Goldbar in front of live crowds. This is all thanks to Jonny Lennon, who created a platform for myself and many other DJs where he can develop us and let us learn in front of real customers. This is crucial in terms of learning to read a room.

Favorite Hamptons nightclub?

This summer I have been DJing at 1oak Southampton and Ruschmeyer's in Montauk, so those are the only two I have been to, but I like them both.  

Favorite things to do in The Hamptons are:

I always like to check out the beach bar at Gurney's for a drink and some ocean time. After that, shower and go get some lobster.

Who are some of your favorite DJ's right now? 

I am into hip-hop/open format over EDM when it comes to DJs so my favorites are guys like DJ Sinatra, Jesse Marco, Sam French, and DJ Ruckus.

Join Hampton Daze Magazine at Finale tomorrow night at 10 PM.

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