June 04, 2014



Week of June 4 through 10

Read your rising sign too

if you know it

Aries (March 21-April 20) – Mercury is apparently (from Earth's perspective) stopping at the beginning of Cancer on Saturday. Just having entered the department of life concerning your home and family, you will be stalled there and have to make a retreat in order to review or reconsider the issue at hand. This has to do with all matters regarding your present home life, family of origin affairs, land or real estate matters, parental issues, especially father and end of life concerns. You might have to consult a neighbor or sibling again before proceeding.

Taurus (April 20-May 20) – Mercury's apparent station, when he changes his orientation with the Sun from being an evening star (although rarely seen) on Saturday to becoming a morning star on June 29, will concern your attitude towards siblings, close relatives, neighbors, and your mental state. You might have come to a decision but then have second thoughts. Is what I am deciding to focus on consistent with what I want and what I hold dear? Venus in your sign all week makes your own comfort and security of supreme importance, especially on Sunday.

Gemini (May 20-June 21) – Mercury is your ruler and so you are more affected by his "apparent" retrograde motion than any other sign. But rather than fearing the next three weeks, why not take it as a welcome release from excessive and often useless mental activity? Often, too, these times signal when business and commerce affairs are stalled. You will have to make a seemingly serious mental adjustment this week, perhaps ceasing censuring what you say. Worry, insecurity and fear can block communication. Go for a new approach and enjoy the freedom it brings.

Cancer (June 21-July 20) – You might have second thoughts about physically moving, taking a trip, or entering into a relationship with a younger person at this Mercury retrograde time from Saturday to the first of July. Of course, planets do not actually go backwards; but from Earth's perspective it looks that way. Your decisions once tentatively made, will probably not have the force of conviction needed to become reality until they have been reviewed a few more times, so welcome this passage. The Moon, your ruler, is conjunct Mars on Saturday, the day of the station. Watch what you say.

Leo (July 20-Aug, 22) – You might think a friend has disappeared at this time as Mercury begins its apparent retrograde passage on Saturday. Watch for him/her to reappear. You might think twice about your decision to leave a club or organization to retreat into isolation. Stay connected to your aspirations this week; expect an exciting new opportunity to suddenly erupt on Friday.

Virgo (Aug, 22-Sept. 21) – The Moon in your sign as of this morning lends confidence and empowerment to the first two and a half days of the week. It is a monthly passage. Of course as your ruler Mercury is grinding to a halt now, you desperately want to slow down, at the same time as you feel empowered. You wisely decide to stay put for a while longer, waiting for Mercury's conjunction to the Sun on the 19th before having the clarity of thought and intention needed to make those intentions manifest.

Libra (Sept. 21-Oct. 19) – The Moon enters your sign Friday night and conjoins Mars the next day when Mercury begins its apparent backward motion. Vehemently expressing your feelings, consciously disturbing the peace, or upsetting the apple cart (all of which are unusual behaviors) might be cause for a welcome reassessment of the value of a relationship. Or it might stir up your passion again, especially on Sunday.

Scorpio (Oct. 19 – Nov. 20) – Mercury is backing up (or apparently doing so) into the house of the mysteries of life. There might be some financial repercussions from one of the crises you have been handling these last months that has not been completed to your satisfaction. Look to these Mercury retrograde times as a "going back over" ground you might have thought was already covered and decided. Do not be surprised if a tax, insurance, investment or issue with monies you hold in a business or with your spouse, or are receiving from a deceased loved one, hit the "on hold" button. Issues stall for a reason; Mercury is leaving Olympus and going into Hades (the only God who could do that) to bring up information, previously hidden.

Sagittarius (Nov. 20-Dec. 21) – With the Sun in Gemini and now Mercury extending his stay in the house of your partnerships, these matters are in need of attention. You look for a partner with good communication skills and with their ruler going retrograde, decisions they are making might have you feeling bewildered. Reassure them to take time and have patience. Things will become clearer on the 19th when the Sun and Mercury conjoin and purpose, intention, and mental focus combine.

Capricorn (Dec. 21-Jan. 19) – This Mercury retrograde period beginning on Saturday has your thoughts returning to your house of health, daily regime, daily grind and job (as opposed to career) for the next three weeks. As your ruler Saturn is still retrograde you can feel that nothing is moving forward fast enough - even for your turtle approach to life. Look to efforting with the long view in mind especially on Sunday when it can seem there is nothing to show for it. Hang in there.

Aquarius (Jan. 19- Feb. 20) – You lucky one, this Mercury retrograde period beginning on Saturday and going for 24 days, has your thoughts returning to area of life which governs your pleasures and creations: your children, either literal or symbolic. The Sun is there, too, this month so seeking what turns you on is the goal of the week. There might be more than one. Writers would do well to re-edit and rewrite rather than proceed forward with new material. Mercury doing an apparent backwards pass keeps you focused on affairs of the heart longer than usual.

Pisces (Feb. 20-March 21) – Whatever project, business, or relationship you have begun now has long-term viability. If you have children they should be a source of emotional comfort and their affairs should be going well. With Mercury retrograde from Saturday to the first of July, you might come to doubt an educational decision you have made lately. On the 19th, you will feel more assured that you have decided correctly.

Kate Plumb, "cycles scientist," is a certified NCGR counseling astrologer who teaches monthly at Joshua's Place in Southampton and sees clients in her home office. She is also certified in Astro*Carto*Graphy-finding beneficial locations to live. website..www.kateplumbastrology.com,blog www.offtheplumbtree.com Kate can be reached at kplumb@optonline.net or 631-725-9133.

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