June 04, 2014

Conviction At Bay Street Theatre

Barry Gordin. (click for larger version)
Conviction, the first of the main stage series this summer at Bay Street Theatre, is currently running in Sag Harbor. The star studded cast gives an unforgettable performance in the world premier of this production.

The show, created by Carey Crim and directed by Scott Schwartz, Bay Street's new Artistic Director, brings the audience on a dramatic journey as the story unfolds.

Conviction tells the tale of the family of Tom Hodges, a charismatic, confident and caring teacher that students adore and parents admire, played by Garret Dillahunt ("Raising Hope," 12 Years A Slave). Tom is the extremely smart, wise-cracking colleague and friend with all the answers. He is the perfect husband, father, friends and member of the community.

Things take a turn when a 15-year-old student accuses Tom of crossing a line while working long hours on the school's Shakespeare production. His life changes forever as he finds himself in prison for three years.

The audience is then taken on an emotional roller coaster, after his return, when he realizes that his life will never be the same. Tom's wife Leigh, acted by Sarah Paulson ("American Horror Story," 12 Years A Slave), gives a stunning performance as a wife who stands by her husband throughout the years but is still left to pick up the pieces and hold the family's burden.

Daniel Burns (Twelfth Night, Shipwrecked), who plays Tom and Leigh's son Nicholas, portrays a teenage child stuck in turmoil, as he is forced to spend his teenage years in a place where he is judged based the situation his family is in.

Elizabeth Reaser (Twilight) and Brian Hutchinson (Looped) who play Tom and Leigh's best friends, also give a stellar performance for the Bay Street audience.

Conviction runs through June 15. For tickets visit www.baystreet.org or call the box office at 631-725-9500.

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