November 27, 2013

Danes Are Great! The Adventures Of Brando And Kruger

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Danes Are Great! is a new children's book by Victor Joseph and illustrated by Martha Rast that follows the adventures of Great Danes Brando and Kruger along with their caretaker Joseph.

Children will follow these friendly creatures all around the South Fork as they come to life on the page. From the farm where they live, they travel to the beach and to the forest. Brando and Kruger are always on the go and exploring the scene with Joseph. Children will fall in love with the words and the images in Danes Are Great! as they share all of the "nifty things" that they get to do in a day.

The book is the first in a series of five children's books that invite child and parent alike to join Brando and Kruger in locales and situations that are fun and uplifting, taking the everyday and making it an adventure.

The reader is drawn in by lush illustrations of these regal dogs with their fresh, lovable, savvy demeanors and taken along on their experiences.

Brando and Kruger are loved by South Fork shop owners, locals and tourists and of course the community's children.

"I'm excited to bring them to life for children and parents to share reading time as one," says author Victor Joseph. "Children's literacy is important to me and it is necessary to have them start early on."

Victor, originally from Los Angeles, became caretaker of the real life Brando, Kruger and Rudy and changed his life. Their adventures over the years, along with desire for quality parent/child time and the need for children to enjoy reading early on drove him to write this book.

Illustrator Martha Rast states in her bio, she is "inspired by her children and the wonder of nature around her." This is evident in the images she created of Brando and Kruger.

All proceeds from the book will benefit three organizations whose focus is on children's reading: bideawee.org, reachoutandread.org, and readingtokids.org.

Fifty percent of the profit made from the sale of this book will benefit Bideawee. Bideawee cultivates and supports the life-long relationship between pets and the people who love them. "Their children reading to dogs program is genius," says Victor of Bideawee. Further donations will be made to the Bridgehampton Library since it is in Brando and Kruger's neighborhood.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon.com.

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