November 20, 2013

Simply Sublime On The Small Screen

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By Kitty Merrill

It would be just like Wayne's World, "only better," joked Alison Burke. Last week she and her sister Juliette Logie, proprietors of Simply Sublime on Springs Fireplace Road in East Hampton, lensed a cooking segment for a TV show to be shown on LTV in the coming weeks.

The pair created a vegan Thanksgiving dinner featuring tofurkey with mushroom gravy, carmelized onions and carrots with vegan cheese sauce, and vegan pumpkin loaf.

"Alison has been dreaming of doing a cooking show her entire life," Logie explained during a recent visit to Simply Sublime. (Meticulous visitors to the Indy website will recall a video of Burke demonstrating the art of cooking kitchari shot by this reporter, who's a writer, not a filmmaker, dammit.)

An interview about wellness on Michael Dickerson's LTV talk show re-ignited an interest in doing their own show. (The interview airs this week.) They shot "Sublime Kitchen on LTV" last Thursday. The kitchen at the Wainscott public access station's studio is "beautiful," Logie praised. "And the people at LTV are awesome," her sister added.

The siblings hope to produce a monthly show that will be comprised of some cooking and some chitchat with guests, all with a focus on wellness and healing. "We're going to study production at LTV so we can rent their cameras and take them out on location," Logie continued.

A health food café and gourmet shop, Simply Sublime opened on Springs Fireplace Road a year ago last summer. This holiday season, the sibs are offering their vegan feast for take out by special order.

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