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July 03, 2013

The Most "Unique" Medical And Laser Spa In The Hamptons

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We all know what it's like to visit a day spa for some pampering. Let's discuss the scientific breakthrough where youth can be maintained in under an hour using medical and laser technology in a unique spa-like experience. Let's talk about SpaUnique in Southampton.

SpaUnique is a name we hear often in the Hamptons. It is known to be one of the most reputable medical spa and laser entities on the East End. When you enter the doors of the plush office nestled inside Hampton Gym Corp., owner and esthetician, Monique Wisniewski awaits you with her contagious laugh and wall-to-wall trendy, artistic décor. With the soothing scent of aromatherapy and an abundance of little spa candies, you feel almost as if you are at home. This is all part of her niche as a successful business owner and talented medical esthetician.

Monique has an extensive menu of anti-aging skin therapies, laser hair removal treatments and her own effective medical skincare line made exclusively for the Hamptons called, Jeunesse Natural & Organic Skincare. Her list of clients traveling from near and far makes her one of the busiest spas in the Hamptons community.

Monique developed the Jeunesse Natural & Organic Skincare brand based on the needs of her clients and based on the ingredients that she loves for every skin type, and for anti-aging.

"I wanted to have a skincare regime for my clients to use after their facials to continue the treatment on their skin," says Wisniewski. "It's important to be using the best quality ingredients for anti-aging and protection, like my Anti-Aging Vitamin Infused Moisturizer."

Some of her most popular treatments in addition to laser hair removal are the Fotofacial and the IPL which can incorporate a glycolic peel or microderm for the face, neck and décolleté.

"It's so important to treat your neck and décolleté the same way you treat your face. Even just a mild microderm is enough. You see age in the neck area much quicker than on the face and I cannot stress how important it is to include these areas in every treatment . . . and you can't just get one treatment and expect lasting results. You need to go for consecutive treatments to really see improvement," suggests Wisniewski.

Using the latest technology in laser treatment skincare, she is able to work on clients during any season of the year, performing therapies on clients of all ages and all ethnicities.

When did you decide you wanted to be an Esthetician and why Medical Esthetics?

I wanted to help people that I would see in public who had terrible skin conditions, scarring and anti-aging. I wanted to also learn how to take care of my own skin, using the latest trends in technology.

Do you offer injectables at SpaUnique such as Botox?

Yes! Dr Ronit Adler has been the injecting physician at SpaUnique since inception. We both have the same views as seeing various injectable services that we offer as an art. Dr Adler offers a variety of injectable service types.

What is the message that you have for prospective clients considering laser skin technology and surgery, such as a facelift?

Repair your skin before surgery. Get your skin healthy first. Get rid of the pigmentation first. Get the skin cleaned out and smoothed beforehand with laser therapy, glycolic peels or microdermabrasion so you can allow your skin to heal post-surgery.


395 County Rd. 39


Inside the Southampton Gym next door to the Hampton Jitney

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