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July 03, 2013

The Newest Wrinkle In Facial Treatments

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There's plenty to love about facial treatments at Gurney's Oceanview Salon in Montauk. The first time I experienced one, I had one foot in 40 and the other on a banana peel. Still, the technician crooned over my "porcelain" skin, declaring, "You have the skin of a 28 year old." Whether the declaration was sincere or not, the delivery was such that my love affair with Gurney's spa treatments was born.

The treatment rooms -- whether in the Sea Water Spa or the Oceanview Salon – are a fragranced oasis from life's stress. Attendants and estheticians murmur gently as they apply an array of scented, organic ablutions. They bring you delicious herbal tea. Soft music plays to encourage relaxation.

There's plenty to love about the facials, and there's also plenty to love about one of their newest treatments, the Organic Microdermabrasion and SmoothSculpt.

The word "dermabrasion" calls forth shivers and thoughts of skin being abraded off your face to allow the fresh new skin cells to show through.

But the micro treatment isn't like that at all. It's a relaxing and renewing experience, typical of all Gurney's offers.

Alba Garcia was my technician and started off by examining my skin.

Originally trained in Europe, Garcia has been with Gurney's for close to 30 years. One of her favorite parts about working at the Montauk locale is Gurney's willingness to send staff to train in the latest techniques, such as the SmoothSculpt and Organic Microdermabrasion.

After the exam, Garcia dubbed my complexion, "sensitive, but tough, with amazing elasticity." To acknowledge the sensitivity, she used a lavender-based product to begin the cleansing and exfoliation process. Next came a cooling peel-off mask.

SmoothSculpt is an advanced aesthetic technology designed to help smooth, contour and tighten skin. Basically, it's a cupping wand that feels like a little vacuum cleaner suctioning your face. The goal is to stimulate the skin for a smoother, more defined look. Some people use it on areas besides the face, like the décolleté, neck or elbows.

The results were fabulous. My skin felt like velvet – so soft I kept going up to people at work commanding, "Feel my face." Some did, and offered "oohs" and "ahs."

Fine lines – and even those rings on my neck like the ones denchronologists used to gauge age on tree trunks – vanished and stayed vanished for days.

But here's the best part: traditional wisdom cautions against facials on the day of a special event. Skin can become overstimulated and even irritated immediately following a traditional facial, so it's always been suggested that you have a facial a couple of days before a special event and wait for your face to calm down.

There's no wait with the Organic Microdermabrasion and SmoothSculpt treatments. You can walk out of the salon and just run a comb through your hair and get on with your day. The treatment I had took under an hour, making it an ideal lunch hour respite.

Longer treatments, which include a collagen mask blended with milk 'n honey, natural plant ingredients and marine-base collagen to boost skin's firmness, plus aloe, Vitamin E and rose oil to soothe and nourish, are suitable for all skin types and also available.

To learn more about the array of treatments Gurney's offers, give them a call at 631-668-1892.

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