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June 19, 2013

Get Wild! With The Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center

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By Jessica Mackin

On Saturday evening NBC news anchor Chuck Scarborough and his wife Ellen will host "Get Wild!" a benefit for the Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons, at their home on Lake Agawam in Southampton. The fête will honor Sharon Kerr, Howard Lorber, and Kim Renk Dryer for their work with the rescue center.

Kerr makes it a priority to spread awareness about the community's responsibility to the magnificent wildlife on the East End. She first became introduced to the center when she called about a deer entangled in some type of wire. The rescue center showed up immediately to help the deer out of its stressful situation. Kerr has also served as co-chairman for the 2012 Wildlife Conservation Gala at the Central Park Zoo.

Dryer, the co-owner of Sequin Jewelry with her sister Linda Renk, is a huge animal lover. Dryer started her own rabbit rescue sanctuary in Rhode Island. Her New York City showroom is also a home for rescued bunnies and kittens that live together in a peaceful, safe environment.

Lorber, the President and CEO of the holding company Vector Group Ltd, was introduced to the center by his friend Leslie Alexander. He is being honored for his generous contributions to the center and is receiving this recognition for his continued support.

The rescue center serves to preserve and protect the region's native wildlife by providing rehabilitation services and education to raise public awareness of the factors that threaten its abundance and diversity. It is a grass roots organization that has grown from a few concerned friends to a group of over 1000 members and supporters. The center is a full-time professional wildlife hospital staffed by licensed rehabilitates, biologists, animal behaviorists and volunteers.

The Wildlife Rescue Center receives over 10,000 calls each year for information or assistance with wild animal encounters. The center also provides educational programs to local elementary and secondary schools. Students from local colleges participate in cooperative education programs and internships.

The event will also be a part of the "Swedish Culinary Summer," as it will introduce Swedish Chef Jonas Dahlbom who will work with local Chef Peter Ambrose to create vegetarian menus for the evening. There will also be two trips to Sweden auctioned, one an adventure themed package and the other culturally themed. There is also a "Swedish Experience Package" which will be loaded with all types of Swedish products such as knives, cheese, and items from The Lexington Clothing Co.

The event takes place Saturday from 6 to 8 PM. Tickets begin at $300. For tickets contact Linda B. Shapiro at 631-725-2023 or call the Evelyn Alexander Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons at 631-728-WILD. For more info visit

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