June 05, 2013

Main Course

The Riverhead Project

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By Jessica Mackin

Last week my friend and I went to dinner at The Riverhead Project. The Riverhead Project opened in 2011, but this was my first time having dinner at the restaurant. We enjoyed every bit, compliments to Chef Roy Wohlars. His cooking style is inspired by the farms and waters of Long Island.

Wohlars recently joined the restaurant, owned by restaurateur Dennis McDermott, after spending time in Hudson New York assisting Chef Zak Pelaccio with opening his new restaurant Fish & Game. Self-taught, his repertoire draws from stints at Bouchon Bakery in Manhattan to South Edison in Montauk. His acquired skills and innovation make him the perfect fit for the New American.

To start I had the grilled romaine salad with whipped local ricotta, grape tomato, cucumbers, radicchio, shallots and garlic croutons. For an entree it was the Szechuan buttermilk braised fried chicken with baby bak choy, Szechuan peppercorn, la doubanjiang and crispy rice. Also, a side of guacamole and chips.

The Riverhead Project is great for people looking for inspired American cuisine. It offers a chic yet warm atmosphere and exceptional service.

Starting this week, The Rivehead Project will present "TheMOVIEPROJECT," where four nights a week they screen films outside on the Bar Patio. Guest curators, such as Deborah Halpert, Mike Otto, Kim Folks, and Yvonne Liebline, will select films based on different weekly themes. 

For more info visit www.theriverheadproject.com.

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