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January 09, 2013

Resolution Solutions

Today's the day. According to one study six out of every 10 people who vow to get fit, get thin, and get healthy for the New Year have given up by January 9. Has your resolve already dissolved?

The website statisticsbrain notes that of all those who make annual promises to themselves, close to 40 percent focus on fitness and weight loss. But only a paltry eight percent have kept the vow after a year's gone by. Twenty five percent of the resolution-makers break their promises in the first week and within six months, over half have given up.

Still, the website notes that those who do make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than those of us who don't even conceive a desire to improve.

For people who want to change their lifestyles, there's an array of resources available – an avalanche of advice easily accessed from magazines, books, television programs and the Internet. In the coming months and beginning with this edition, The Independent joins the fray, offering our new health and fitness guide designed to provide tips, plus introductions to specific local fitness experts and institutions committed to helping East Enders battle the bulge and boost their biceps.

In future issues we'll offer information about a variety of local fitness-oriented locales, and the myriad strategies they promote to help you get lean and get healthy, and most of all . . . have fun!

We'll be dancing, spinning, touring gyms, working out outdoors, and indulging in spa days. So, lace up your sneaks, join us for the ride, and embrace 2013 with a vibrant view towards a better you.

This week, we start with a "clean" slate, offering an overview of the popular detox trend.

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