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Oh, What Heights She'll Hit On (And Off) With The CHO

On stage, Margaret Cho is an envelope pusher. Caustic and bawdy, she can be shocking and sexually explicit, take no political prisoners, or simply send up her Korean family with hilarious impressions....more>

The Good The Bad The Ugly

At first, I never quite believed I'd pursue film criticism as a serious career. In the beginning, writing about movies was just a way of justifying an antisocial habit....more>

HIFF Embraces Southampton, The Indy

The 14th annual Hamptons International Film Festival will shine its spotlight on to Southampton for the upcoming festival, and The Independent will help guide the way....more>

Between The Covers

Ladies, with The Season in high gear, it's time to take stock of plans to land your moneyman. And you super rich guys, the competition for you is so intense you may think you can relax maxing out your credit cards for the ladies. ...more>

10 Questions

Elaine Stritch Q: Your Tony-award winning "At Liberty" was a tour-de-force. Tell us how you conceived and developed it. A: "This is my life! That's how I got ready for it! And luckily John Lahr was interested in working with me, so we sat down and we tried to put my life together....more>

By the Sea with Southampton Hospital

Southampton Hospital's Annual Summer "By the Sea" Party will take place this Saturday under the tents on Wickapogue Road. The event begins at 6:30 p.m....more>

Chef du Jour

Chef Todd Jacobs of Atlantica Todd Jacobs, the owner and executive chef of Atlantica and Tierra Mar in Westhampton Beach, needs little introduction. After studying abroad years ago in France with top chefs, Jacobs made his way back to the East End....more>

Game Dork

How To Buy Handheld PSP Games for Less It's crazy how much video games cost. But there is a reason for $40 price tags on new games for Sony's handheld PSP....more>

Hampton Daze

On Top of the Wharf You may have wondered how we got our alias names. Since you've gotten to know us a little better over the past few months we thought we'd share our little secret with you....more>

Hampton Shakespeare Festival: Not To Be

For the first time in over 10 years, The Hampton Shakespeare Festival, a non-profit organization noted for its free performances in Montauk and Southampton, will not be returning this year....more>

In The Gallery

Blue Door Gallery, 40 East Main Street, Riverhead "New Paintings by Sandi Woessner and Chris Stavropolis" It's hard to believe that 2006 marks the fifth year Blue Door's airy, two-room exhibition space, gift shop and frame store has been holding court on Flower Alley's red brick road, right off Main Street, Riverhead....more>

Indy Shrink

Last week we opened a discussion on some new understandings in the field of neuroscience relating to behavior and actual brain states. We were discussing the question of why it was so hard for us to change our behaviors, and how attempting such changes often feels like trying to swim upstream against a very strong current....more>

K9 Shrink

The Eyes Have It! Training a dog in basic obedience is one of the many responsibilities of ownership. Some of us may want to go further. If your goal is to bring out the very best in your dog, here are some tips to help you along....more>

My GayView

Man-O-Pause Everyone is familiar with the term "menopause." It's the unlikely name they've given to the changes that overtake females when they hit a certain age....more>

Night Moves

Deadline for submissions is Friday at noon. Fax them to 324-2351 or e-mail to news@indyeastend.com. Dune Grass Dune Grass, a four piece bluegrass-pop-folk group, will perform a concert of American music this Saturday at 7 p....more>

Now Serving

Deadline for submissions is noon on Friday. Fax them to 324-2351 or email to news@indyeastend.com. Junkanoo Party Authentic Bahamian cuisine and culture will be on tap at Ben Tinker's Junkanoo Party in the Hamptons on Monday at Dockers Waterside in East Quogue....more>

Second Annual Hamptons Wine/Food Fest Second Annual Hamptons Wine/Food Fest Battle Of The Chefs To Happen + More

It seems that reality TV is here to stay. But if you're a fan of culinary-themed shows, it's even more fun to see two rising stars duking it out in the kitchen....more>

Strictly Business

Deadline for submissions is noon on Friday. Fax them to 324-2351 or email to news@indyeastend.com. New Montauk Bakery The newly opened Beach Bakery hopes to carry on the importation of Italian baking to the East End....more>

Sweet Charities

Idea House + Retreat The Hamptons Cottages and Gardens 2006 Idea House will host a party to benefit The Retreat's domestic violence services on Friday....more>


ARIES (Mar. 20 - Apr. 20) — Exciting to be you this week, just remember to be patient — don't try to rush things with your abundant energy and enthusiasm. Slow and steady, moving...more>

Coming Attractions

Deadline for submissions is Friday at noon. Fax them to 324-2351 or e-mail to news@indyeastend.com. Art Airing Their . . . Art? Meander through Guild Hall's 60th Annual Clothesline Art Sale, featuring artwork by regional artists, on Saturday from 9 a....more>

Indy Gossip & Whispers

All the little people in our industry — the flotsam and jetsam, the reporters and photographers from these tired local papers and mindless summer glam mags, are complaining about the "situation" at Bridgehampton Polo....more>

Thought For The Day

Samdup Thockmay is a Tibetan monk, a seer and a prophet. He manages a convenience store in Flushing. Today: Remember when you frolicked in the long grass with your lover, smiling and singing a happy song? It was right before the Vice Squad came....more>
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