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Boating News Dealing With A Hurricane Season

After all the rain that fell upon us in June, the recent picture-perfect stretch of sunny, summertime weather has left some of us with a false sense of security....more>

Fantasy Sports

Inside Information It's a mistake to think you're smarter than your opponent. Yes, you may have an uncanny knack for spotting good young players before they have break-out seasons....more>

From The Bleachers

A Trip Back to Glory For "Big Joe" Before Roger Maris eclipsed Babe Ruth's longstanding single-season home run mark in 1961 and long before steroid-enhanced sluggers the likes of Mark "I will not comment on that matter" McGwire, Sammy "I forget I no speakka de English" Sosa and Barry "Balco" Bonds set home run records that will hopefully be erased from the Major League Baseball record books someday, there was Joe Bauman....more>


A Montauk Treasure The South Fork is filled with numerous treasures and the Montauk Downs State Golf Course should surely be included in the bounty. Only 130 miles from busy Manhattan, it is situated in a state park that offers numerous amenities to those who visit....more>

Gone Fishin'

Bountiful Bluefish Everyone out fishing our local waters is very aware of the bluefish that frequently appear in great abundance. Bluefish, scientifically known as pomatomas saltatrix, are voracious feeders that compete with our striped bass population for food and when one is hooked, you almost immediately know you're in for a real fight....more>
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