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June 20, 2007

Shelter Stories

Jerry (click for larger version)
I wish I could blame this dog adoption lull on the dog days of summer, but it's not even summer. The Riverhead Shelter is loaded with lovely RSVP dogs needing homes. Jerry is our latest addition. Look at that great trusting face. I'd say judging from those teeth that he's a kid. About two.

Jerry is needy. First, he needs training. He wants to grab his leash and play. But when he walks outside, he calms down. Jerry loves to walk along the river and carries himself with an appealing, confident posture. I'd say he's predominantly German Shepherd, a classic police dog, except that he's cream in color. Jerry weighs about 65 pounds and came to RSVP from the Mayor's Alliance for New York City Animals. Not a mean bone in his body. Jerry just needs a break. (Don't they all?)

He's a happy boy, loves people and is very bright. And he seems to be housetrained. How did he become a stray? I wish they could tell us their stories. Thank heaven dogs live in the moment. Jerry doesn't seem to have some deep dark secret he's repressing. Loving. Uncomplicated. Please call RSVP at 728-3524 and see Jerry.

Next week, I'm preparing a column with pictures of all our dogs. Tiger, the puppy, has moved to New Jersey with his owner, Keith. He still needs a home as does Prince, last week's dog of the week, an adorable Shepherd mix whose family is moving. No issues. And excellent with kids.

Bugsy, the great Dane mix, like Kisses, the boxer mix, still need homes. Kisses is with Sue Hansen, the best foster home you could be in. Someone is interested in Bugsy. But who knows what will happen? People show interest, and then you never hear from them again. King, the golden mix, has kennel cough but is very much around. So is Merri, the white Australian Shepherd mix with freckles. She's adorable. Phoebe, that wonderful black Lab mix, is still at Riverhead Hospital. I can't figure that one out. Great dog.

In temporary homes are Tigger, the golden Lab mix, and Trevor, the Collie mix, whom Christine Russell from the Southampton Animal Shelter has taken a special interest in. Trevor needs a trainer and lots of work. He loves my pen, I hear, but my Pit Daisy misses it. Daisy will have to get over it. Trevor needs it more than Daisy right now.

Next week you'll be able to place a face with the name. I hope the pictures give you a better idea of why I'm sitting at my computer on a hot Father's Day writing about these dogs when I could be playing tennis. Please don't forget these pups. You're all they have.

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