July 26, 2006

Applaud Arrival of Instant Offices

It wasn't quite as quick as "just add water," but last Thursday morning a new building appeared on the property at the Senior Citizens Center on Springs Fireplace Road in East Hampton evoking quizzical looks from passersby. The main question: what's it for?

The edifice will be the new home to the Town Department of Human Services, department chief Edna Steck reported. For years her administrative offices have been located in town digs on Pantigo Place. For many departments, Pantigo Place's proximity to town hall is a boon, but offices on site will make serving clients who use the center more efficient.

Town government departments have traditionally been cramped for space as East Hampton has grown. The idea of making more room for the department has been kicking around for years. Steck recalled that the town originally thought of expanding the existing senior center to accommodate office space, "but that wasn't feasible," she said.

The next idea involved purchasing a modular structure and setting it on the site. According to town budget officer Ted Hults, the town bonded for $250,000 for the entire project, the building, plus all necessary site preparation and improvements.

The town's Ordinance Enforcement Department will spread into Steck and company's former workspace, with a move planned mid-August. "We're really looking forward to it," she said.

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