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June 14, 2006

On The Beat

On The South Fork...

Rolling With The Boozin' And The Snoozin'

It was a busy week for Southampton cops, who arrested several allegedly intoxicated motorists and a couple of young pot smokers. Wayne A. Hopson, a 19 year-old from Sag Harbor, was arrested in the parking lot of the Hampton Bays 7-Eleven after an officer observed him rolling a blunt in the car with a 21 year-old Sag Harbor buddy. More weed was found inside the car. Additionally, over 220 Valium pills were discovered on Hopson's person for which he did not have a prescription. Hopson's friend got off with unlawful possession of marijuana, but Hopson was charged with a felony.

Last Wednesday, around 6:30 p.m., police responded to a reported car accident on Old Country Road in East Quogue. Upon the P.O.'s arrival, one of the vehicles involved fled the scene. The car had sustained serious front end damage, but police seemed to think the driver, a Southampton man, was in even worse shape than the beat-up car. The driver was apprehended by the police, who observed the motorist's devious departure. Cops say he was driving while intoxicated. Additionally, the police found a .22 caliber handgun in the man's possession. Subsequently, the man was arrested and charged with two misdemeanor counts. So much for happy hour.

Three days later, a 26 year-old man from Ozone Park was arrested for drunk driving on Dune Road in Hampton Bays at about 8 p.m., after being stopped for a traffic infraction.

On Sunday, at 12:16 a.m., police arrested Thomas J. McSherry of Hampton Bays for felony DWI Cops say that McSherry was caught dozing at the wheel in the intersection of County Road 39 A and North Sea Road. Guess what they say is true: you snooze you lose.

Later that morning, at 4:04 a.m., a 42 year-old Westhampton man was pulled over for erratic driving. Cops say he was inebriated.

Road Rage

East Hampton Police also had their hands full this week with six arrests related to intoxicated driving. On June 6 at 6:46 a.m., a man traveling southbound on Second House Road in Montauk was observed swerving over the double yellow line. Police planned to bring in the possible intoxicant for further investigation, but the man became belligerent en route to the station, banging his head against the security screen of the cop car. East Hampton ambulance took control of the situation and brought the defendant, who had lacerated his forehead, to the hospital, where he was treated and encouraged to take a drug test. The disturbed man refused and was later released into police custody.

People of Montauk buckle up: two days later, police received a call at 3:22 a.m. that a possible drunk motorist was involved in an accident on West Lake Drive. The motorist was headed toward the dock area in Montauk in a white sedan. Cops dispatched to the scene asked the motorist to perform sobriety tests. The driver admitted he had "a little to drink," but otherwise refused to cooperate. Reportedly, he kicked out the rear passenger door window frame. Upon further investigation, police found a knife hanging from the motorist's neck and an open bottle of vodka on the floor of his vehicle. The unruly defendant was cuffed and taken to police headquarters.

Fighting Folks

Last Thursday, a brawl broke out in front of a local bar on Main Street in Montauk. Police received testimony from a man, who tried to separate the pugnacious patrons involved. The defendant, who claimed he was finished fighting, turned around and punched the hero of the hour, who had tried to put an end to the violent antics by physically restraining the defendant. The moral of the story? Don't trust an angered intoxicant. Last Monday, at the same Main Street establishment, a bartender was arrested for serving an alcoholic beverage to a minor.

On Sunday in Southampton, at around 2 a.m., a man from Commack was arrested for disorderly conduct. The inebriated defendant was escorted out of the Canoe Place Inn by the nightclub staff. The insuperable man blocked traffic and refused to let pedestrians pass on the sidewalks.

Last Friday, a man was charged with reckless endangerment, criminal contempt, and endangering the welfare of a child, when he violated an order of protection held against him by a local woman.

Roll With The Punches

Last Wednesday, antagonism between employees and customers at Waldbaums reached new heights. Police say a female shopper was involved in a row with one of the grocery store's employees. The employee, whose identity is not available at this time, was reportedly verbally abusive and threw a roll of paper towels in the shopper's direction. Three days later, a Waldbaums employee filed a complaint when a peeved customer allegedly threw paper towels at her. Looks like these attackers are on a roll. Will the Bounty wars continue?

Stolen Stuff

On June 5, a vehicle was stolen from the parking lot of the One Stop Deli in East Hampton. Police located the 2000 Nissan Frontier heading westbound on Harbor Blvd. The driver was thought to be intoxicated. Further investigation revealed that the defendant was acting in concert with another East Hampton man, who stole 12 CD's from a different car parked at the One Stop. The CD thief was identified on Springs Fireplace Road near Queens Lane and the lifted items were returned to their rightful owner. Both men have been charged for their involvement in the two crimes.

On June 4, a man reported that a diamond necklace was missing from his East Hampton residence. Police say there were no signs of forced entry at the home. The man suspects that two movers from a moving company may be responsible for the transgression.

Last Friday, a man reported that his pool heater, pool lights, and filter pump were stolen from his East Hampton home. The items were installed and had to be removed before they were taken. An electrician noticed the missing equipment when he arrived at the job site.

A Montauk man filed a report on June 3, claiming that $1000 worth of goods were stolen from his residence. The man noticed that the items were missing four weeks prior to the official report, but was unable to contact the police sooner as he was embarking on a month-long fishing trip.

Rounding Up The Usual Suspects...

•Crank Calls: Last Wednesday, Southampton Town Police arrested a 30 year-old East Moriches man for damaging a pay phone at the Westhampton Beach railroad station. The suspect was released on bail and awaits a later court hearing.

• Cockle Doodle Don't: Last Friday, an East Hampton man filed a noise complaint. The culprit? A rooster. The man lamented that the rooster had been disrupting his sleep for weeks. The owner of the rooster, the man's neighbor, says he's had the rooster for five years. The rooster has been moved to the back of the neighbor's house and placed in a pen covered by a tarp. May we all sleep a little easier.

• BMW On The Cheap: Also on Friday, a man reported that two chrome BMW insignia tire stem valve covers were stolen from his vehicle, which was parked in the long term parking lot for eleven days. Their value is $15.

• Vicious Racoons: Last Saturday, two East Hampton residents lodged a complaint in regards to raccoons. When police arrived on the scene, they found one raccoon killed by the complainants' dog. A live raccoon was also present. Police advised that the owners keep their dog out of the way until the second furry scavenger safely departed.

• Campers Gone Wild: Last Wednesday, police investigated a reported case of vandalism at Blue Bay camp, located on Flabby Whole Road. The camp is vacant for the majority of the year. The crime was discovered during the Health Department's Inspection of the premises. Police say an unknown person entered the camp and sprayed four fire extinguishers until they were empty. The prankster also set off the Ansol/Halogen system above the stove. The camp was secured, but the doors may have been left open. At least the raccoons didn't get in.

In Riverhead…

Stolen Stuff

Riverhead Police are on the lookout for the person who purloined pork chops from the Best Yet Mart on Route 58. Cops are also on the hunt for the thief who took a $175 cell phone from a patron at Digger O'Dells, and for the person who stole tools from a truck parked on Elton Street. Police are also searching for the thief who grabbed three rolls of copper tubing from a work truck that was stationed on Meeting House Creek Road. The value of the copper: $1100. Last week police were also on the hunt for the person(s) who stole 10 restaurant pagers from TGI Fridays. The value of the pagers: $300.


Police responded to several burglaries this week, including one at Kim's Nails Secret on Route 25A. According to police, the suspect entered the nail parlor through a roof vent. The thief got away with $150 in cash. Police also responded to a call of a residential break-in on Josephine Drive. The owner reported that two X-boxes, 1 Playstation and about 35 video games were taken from the residence. And over on Crescent Court, a landlord told police that a Coleman generator, valued at $567 was taken. It was removed by a thief through a basement window.

Animal Antics

Police were called when a dog got itself caught in a fence on Old Country Road. The lucky dog was able to pull itself loose before police arrived. Police also responded to a call on Dogwood Drive where residents complained that a neighbor's peacocks are much too loud. The police asked the owner to try to quiet the birds down.

In Southold. . .

Illegal Doings

Mattituck resident Daniel Seciada was arrested June 7 and charged with criminal possession of a forged instrument in the second degree, a felony.

Seciada, who was arrested on an active Southold Town Court bench warrant, was found to be in possession of a fraudulent resident alien card.

Soused, But No Stopping

Southold saw a total of six DWI arrests last week: A Southold resident was arrested in Greenport Thursday after failing to stop for a stop sign at the corner Adams and Main Street and charged with DWI.

Nery Cano was charged with felony DWI after he was stopped for a traffic violation on Front Street in Greenport on Friday.

A Southold resident also failed to notice a stop sign on County Road 48 in Greenport on Saturday and was arrested for DWI after officers noticed a strong odor of alcohol on the driver's breath.

Another Southold resident was arrested on Adams Street in Greenport Sunday for failing to stop at a stop sign at the aforementioned stop sign on Adams and Main. The driver also smelled strongly of booze.

On Sunday, Riverhead resident Stephen Padworski was arrested and charged with felony DWI and operating a vehicle with a revoked license after being stopped at the intersection of Center and Third Streets in Greenport.

Finally, a Middle Island resident was nabbed on Sound Avenue on Sunday after being stopped for failure to stay in his lane; the driver was charged with DWI.

Kids Gone Wild

A Riverhead resident reported that several people came to her door on Sunday in search of her son, and what ensued was not pretty. Five to eight individuals caused havoc, one wielding a knife and another kicking at the door, screaming for the young man to emerge. One individual raised a baseball bat to the resident's son. Three individuals were arrested and charged with menacing, criminal mischief, and aggravated harassment.

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