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April 19, 2006

Kids Reel

We rate the movies we write about with tennis balls — my Dad started varsity tennis in East Hampton and played #1, my Uncle Scott is a manager and founder of East Hampton Indoor Tennis and also played for the high school varsity team. My cousin Matt was a star at East Hampton High, playing #1, making All-American, and now plays for William and Mary. My cousin Brian played tennis on the Varsity and now plays for James Madison. My great-grandfather, David Flam, after whom I am named, was a New York City tennis pro at age 16. I am playing for the middle school team. So it is no wonder that I was eager to see Woody Allen's Match Point. And the film didn't let me down.

Match Point is about a tennis pro traveling in London's wealthy circles, who gets a good job and gets himself into trouble. The screenplay has every twist and turn, the acting is good, and as every player of every kind knows you can't beat luck, both good and bad. See the movie. It is enjoyable. We give it…right! Four tennis balls.


Granny & Grandpa one old film pick

1. Stranger on a Train (with that great tennis scene)

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