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And We're Off! Fall Season Underway

By Rick Murphy Make no mistake about it, high school soccer is on the rise locally, and healthy rivalries are forming much the same as they developed in football and basketball....more>

Shop The East End

Shop local is more than a motto; it's a way of life. Long Island's East End is a community that helps local businesses thrive through countless partnerships, and Taste the East End Boutique helps to bring it all together....more>

Health Care Crisis Worsens

Forget the political infighting going on in Washington. Forget the blame game played around the water cooler – it's OK to realize the Affordable Care Act must be replaced or revamped without sounding like a Trump supporter....more>

Laud 'Pioneer For Change'

When Anthony Hobson, an architect with Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects in Bridgehampton, bought a modest house in Flanders for himself, his wife, and baby girl two years ago, he knew it would need a new septic system....more>

Into The Woods With Edwina Lucas

She spent childhood summers in the woods around Noyac, building forts and catching frogs with her cousins – "endless afternoons" in the forest, Edwina Lucas recalled....more>

106th To The Rescue… Again

Just days back from their heroism in Houston, the 106th Air Rescue Wing based out of Gabreski Airport in Westhampton was deployed to the Caribbean to assist in the wake of Hurricane Irma....more>

Walking On Water

Under a cloudless blue sky, the young athletes faced the crystal-clear waves with their instructors by their side. While many of the children were first-time surfers, they leaped in with little hesitation....more>

Vintage And Handmade Finds From Missouri Import Company

Missouri Import Company, aka Mo. Import Co., is an Amagansett-based collection of storied goods sourced by Dakota Arkin Cafourek, a wayfaring gal from the East End, and Andrew Cafourek, a code writing, bearded man from the Midwest....more>

Sweet Charities

Sweet Charities

Deadline for submissions is Thursday at noon. Email to jessica@indyeastend.com. Let's Get CrackinG Fighting Chance, a free cancer counseling center on the East End, will host Let's Get Cracking, a lobster bash at Duryea's Lobster Deck in Montauk on Friday....more>

Oysters And Brews, A Perfect Pairing

"Drink and eat local," John Liegey, co-founder of Greenport Harbor Brewing, echoed over the phone. I'm on a three-way call with him and Ian Wile, owner of Little Creek Oyster Farm & Market....more>

Coming Attractions

Entertainment Guide

MUSIC the classic & the classical There'll be dancing in the streets, and beyond the sea, at Suffolk Theater in Riverhead this weekend, starting on Friday night, when Darin & Dino: New Millennium Big Band takes the stage at 8 PM....more>

Reporting From Broadway

Michael Moore on Broadway, The Terms of My Surrender Reading a letter from ABC inviting him, Michael Moore, to appear on "Dancing with the Stars," the curmudgeonly showman takes it as a death notice....more>

Gallery Walk

Gallery Walk

Deadline for submissions is Thursday at noon. Email to jessica@indyeastend.com. Look Deeper The White Room Gallery in Bridgehampton presents "Look Deeper....more>

A Passion For Portraiture

When she was only three, Denise Franzino began copying Disney characters with a crayon in hand. Like most children, her first artworks were debuted throughout the walls of her home as curated by her mother, the household favorite being Mickey and friends....more>

Eat/ing Your Heart Out

Crush Curatorial in Amagansett presents "Eat/ing Your Heart Out," an investigation of how, why, how much, and what drives our impulse to eat. The show is part of an ongoing collaboration with Brooklyn-based artist and curator Molly Surno....more>

Jerry's Ink


Are you as confused as a pigeon flying over a town in the south, looking for a statue of a Confederate general on which to poop? Don't be....more>

Oh Poor Sustainable Me

Long before "sustainable" became one of those fuzzy wuzzy feel good words we talked the talk and walked the walk. Once every August a few of my friends and I would go camping for a weekend and live off the land....more>

Public Participation

From legions of volunteers helping to rescue individuals and animals, offering assistance, supplies, or just prayers for hurricane victims, to a village gathering in unity, to golfers donating to a food pantry, to surfers sharing their skills with kids and, yes, even to a Flanders fellow stepping up to be the first to install a high-tech septic system to protect the environment, the theme this week on the East End was public participation....more>

Tennis with Dennis

The US Open may be over but after watching a few matches I became inspired. Sure, I played tennis growing up and made the varsity team in high school (oh so many years ago), but when trying to think of the last time I actually practiced I drew blanks....more>


As summer ends… You clean out the cabana of all the jetsam and flotsam of the shimmering hot days of summer, 2017 -- the old party remnants, the scattered beer caps and empty condiment jars from joyous reunions and teary goodbyes....more>

Generally Pleasing Dear Editor, A belated but much meant compliment on your makeover.  It is not only graphically pleasing, but the breadth of issues covered, and well covered, is generally pleasing....more>

Hunkering Down – Hurricanes…

With Hurricane Harvey having wrecked Texas and Louisiana and Irma having her way in Florida and Georgia, it is a grim reminder that we are not immune....more>

On The Beat

By Rick Murphy Sag Harbor Woman Found Dead Wearing beads and dancing with a hoop, Hallie Ulrich, in a floor length skirt, looked blissfully happy as she danced at a gathering of young people, perhaps a festival....more>
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