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Hampton Flyboard: The Horizon Is The Limit

Flyboarding. Like something out of an aquatic sci-fi film. Boosters on your feet as you soar toward to the sky with nothing but water beneath you. Marty McFly couldn't have even imagined this, but the Riva brothers did....more>

More Blue-Green Blooms Detected

Sampling performed by SUNY Stony Brook has confirmed the presence of new cyanobacteria blooms, more commonly known as blue–green algae, at Prestons Pond in Calverton and Wainscott Pond in East Hampton....more>

Baked In Color

Baked in Color cookies, created by founder Julie Waxman, are the first rainbow chocolate chip cookies to hit the market. These happy, fun, and deliciously cool cookies can also be customized by color for all of life's special occasions....more>

Sweet Charities

Sweet Charities

Deadline for submissions is Thursday at noon. Email to jessica@indyeastend.com. Celebration Of Immigration Neighbors in Support of Immigrants will hold its third annual Celebration of Immigration at the St Rosalie's Church Community Center in Hampton Bays on Friday from 6 to 9 PM....more>

UNCF A Mind Is …

This weekend the United Negro College Fund will host two important events to raise funds for the minority education organization. In its 72-year history, UNCF has raised more than $4....more>

A Hamptons Happening

The 13th annual A Hamptons Happening, benefiting the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation, will be held on Saturday evening. Guests can expect an intimate performance by Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright as well as a performance by Sophie Beem, a protégé of Beyoncé, along with tastings from some of the top chefs and restaurants in New York City and The Hamptons....more>

Gallery Walk

Gallery Walk

Deadline for submissions is Thursday at noon. Email to jessica@indyeastend.com. Young Jackie "Young Jackie on the South Fork" explores the early life of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis and her pastimes in The Hamptons as captured through the lens of society photographer Bert Morgan....more>

Coming Attractions

Entertainment Guide

Music Bacon Brothers The Bacon Brothers are anything but a typical rock band. Brothers Michael and Kevin Bacon play gritty rock that is unapologetically unique and authentic....more>

Margaret Hayes Honored

Margaret Hayes is currently president and CEO of Fashion Group International, Inc. The non-profit, founded nearly 88 years ago, was the first of its kind -- created by and for women....more>

Musings With Giancarlo Esposito

This week, Indy profiles two wonderfully gifted actors with a lifetime of brilliant acting roles behind them, who have, in just the past few years, become known to audiences worldwide in a way only a handful of thespians ever get to experience....more>

Tovah Feldshuh: Aging Is Optional

Tovah Feldshuh has had a run of back-to-back television successes in recent years. She portrayed Deanna Monroe, head of Alexandria, in the hit AMC series "The Walking Dead," was seen on Starz as the Russian ballet mistress, Ivana, on "Flesh & Bone," and sang the dignified showstopper "Where's the Bathroom?" on CW's "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend," where she played Naomi Bunch, Rebecca's mother....more>

Jerry's Ink


You've got your Ted Cruz, Elizabeth Warren, Bill de Blasio, Mitch McConnell, Michael Moore, Oliver Stone, Steve Bannon, and such. Up until now, those creeps were the worst people in the world....more>

Something Fishy

We know we can live longer if we eat healthy. But we also know, as do the food companies, that old habits die hard. For example, I love potato chips. So they make potato chips that are now "low in saturated fats," and that's a good thing, I guess....more>

Off They Go

We get a little verklempt each August when our summer interns head back to college, and not just because we have to return to compiling the community calendars ourselves....more>

Water Views

Restoration, Collaboration, And Progress: The Chesapeake Bay Experience

The 1960s was a decade of awareness for this nation. Environmental degradation from centuries of industrialization began to manifest itself in significant and obvious ways: rivers catching fire, the nation's symbol, the Bald Eagle, jeopardized by widespread use of pesticides, air pollution in major cities causing significant health threats....more>

Fighting Like A Noble

Fencing oftentimes generates images from films like The Princess Bride, Zorro, The Count of Monte Cristo, or even Star Wars. Beyond that it's an uncommon thought, but 25-year-old Hanna Heldenmuth from Miami, FL aims to change that....more>

Make America (A Police) State Again

Donald J. Trump, a failing politician who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington D.C., stood at a microphone in Suffolk County Community College urging thousands of policemen in attendance to physically abuse prisoners....more>

Columbus Cop Out Dear Editor, Last week the Southampton BOE decided to put religious holidays and others back on the school calendar for 2017-18, but left Columbus Day out by name, preferring to call it a Federal Holiday, instead....more>

May-Day, May-Day

Search and Rescue is the most recognizable and time-honored task of any mariner, especially the United States Coast Guard. "You have to go out but you don't have to come back" is a wizened catchphrase long gone from the guidance offered by senior officers to eager-to-prove-themselves-worthy boat crews....more>

On The Beat

Compiled by Rick Murphy Springs Fatality A 1989 Porsche suddenly veered off the road in Springs Saturday afternoon and smashed into a utility pole, killing a Nyack man....more>
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