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AFD'S Anniversary Journal On Sale

Fires, fire houses, fire engines, and, of course, the firefighters who are and have been the backbone of the Amagansett Fire Department for 100 years....more>

INDEPENDENT VOICES: Celebrate Our Independence This Fourth Of July

On the Fourth of July, Independence Day, we celebrate the signing of our Declaration of Independence, the act which initiated our historic and brave journey to achieving freedom as a sovereign, independent nation....more>

VIP : Katherine C.H.E.

Welcome to Indy's VIP: Very Interesting Person, a new feature focused on some of the East End's most intriguing residents. Are you one? Know one? Email kmerrill@indyeastend....more>

Zeldin Prevails In GOP Primary

Lee Zeldin emerged victorious from a heated Republican primary and will take on Congressman Tim Bishop for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives....more>

County Greenlights Cedar Lighthouse Restoration

By Kitty Merrill Built on a three-acre island in 1839, the Cedar Island Lighthouse was originally conceived to protect mariners on their way to port in Sag Harbor....more>

East End Fired Up For Fourth

Summer is finally here. As locals and visitors gather on the East End, annual Fourth of July parades and fireworks are on tap this week to honor America's independence....more>

Main Course

Georgica Restaurant

Georgica Restaurant in Wainscott has kicked off its sixth season by introducing new Executive Chef Greg Grossman along with Chef Matthew Fisher Redington....more>

Main Course

The Backyard Restaurant At Solé East

By Jessica Mackin Last week I visited the Backyard Restaurant at Solé East in Montauk which is open for the 2014 summer season. This hidden garden oasis offers a distinctly laidback vibe, while offering a locally sourced,seasonal menu....more>



The Week Of July 2 Read your rising sign too if you know it . . . Aries (March 21-April 20) With the New Moon last Friday in your fourth house of home, father, and real estate matters and Mercury's station to apparently move ahead last night in your third house of siblings, neighbors, and mental activity, the focus this week is close to home....more>

Night Moves

Night Moves

Deadline for submissions is Thursday at noon. Email to jessica@indyeastend.com. Beach Bar Beach Bar in Hampton Bays presents DJ Brian Dawe on Thursday at 10 PM....more>

Gallery Walk

Gallery Walk

Deadline for submissions is Thursday at noon. Email to jessica@indyeastend.com. Art On The Edge Vered Gallery presents Art on the Edge 2014. Art on the Edge, the only exhibition of its kind in The Hamptons, is an annual survey of New Contemporary Art featuring the most provocative new painters, sculptors, and photographers working in their respective mediums today....more>

Sweet Charities

Sweet Charities

Deadline for submissions is Thursday at noon. Email to jessica@indyeastend.com. Voss Foundation Voss Foundation will host a benefit dinner at Georgica in Wainscott tomorrow night at 8 PM....more>

Elements Fitness Brings Barre To The Beach

"Be strong, sexy, and unstoppable," that's the motto for the all new Elements Fitness in East Hampton. It's certainly how I felt after leaving my first Elements Fitness Barre class last week....more>

Travesties Comes To Bay Street Theatre

Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor presents the 40th Anniversary of the Tony award winning comedy Travesties by Tom Stoppard and directed by Gregory Boyd....more>

Hop On Board The Hampton Hopper

Launched June 27, the Hampton Hopper is the latest mode of transportation and socialization to hit the East End. The Hopper is a new social club that will use technology and transportation to make getting around The Hamptons in the summer more affordable, convenient, and fun....more>

John Leguizamo: Ghetto Klown

Actor and comedian John Leguizamo will make his Long Island debut with a performance at Guild Hall in East Hampton tomorrow night at 8. "It's my first time performing on Long Island," the Emmy award winner said in an interview Monday afternoon....more>

DJ Julian Cavin At Finale

By Jessica Mackin Tomorrow night Hampton Daze Magazine will host a July 4th weekend kickoff party at Finale East Hampton. On board for the night we have crowd favorites DJ Biggie, DJ Adam Lipson, and headliner 4AM DJ, Julian Cavin....more>

Jerry's Ink


O beautiful for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain, For purple mountain majesties Above the fruited plain! America! America! God shed his grace on thee, And crown thy good with brotherhood From sea to shining sea! O beautiful for patriot dream That sees beyond the years Thine alabaster cities gleam, Undimmed by human tears! America! America! God shed his grace on thee, And crown thy good with brotherhood From sea to shining sea! I have been lied to and manipulated by every president in my lifetime, starting with Franklin Delano Roosevelt....more>

Living Green

Doctor Victor Green is the author of "Guide To A Cleaner Planet" and lectures around the country about Green Living. He lives as one with the water and the wind and has achieved harmony with Mother Earth and his parole officer....more>

Coming To America

It is ironic that as our nation celebrates its freedom we are grappling with what to do with thousands of children crossing our southwestern borders illegally....more>

Kidd Power Play Falls Flat

As I was sitting in the studio last Saturday night, news started to break that Jason Kidd may be on his way out as head coach of the Brooklyn Nets. As a lifelong Net fan, I had to do a double take....more>

Tripping And Flopping Dear Editor, Jerry Della Femina's column on soccer in last week's paper was absolutely correct on one count. Watching talented athletes scurry around for 90 minutes scoring only one or two goals is tedious and frustrating....more>

"Sabby the Lingo?" Maritime Language VII

As noted prior, each discipline has a language and that language conveys competency to the listener. This column is part of a series of maritime vocabulary words....more>
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