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Tour SoMAS

The League of Women Voters of the Hamptons invites the public to a tour of the new Stony Brook Southampton's state-of-the-art School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences Building on Monday at 5:30 PM and to learn about the program from its manager Christopher Paparo....more>

Sponsor Shellfish Sanctuary

Peconic Baykeeper has awarded $10,000 to Stony Brook University's Shinnecock Bay Restoration Program to sponsor a shellfish spawner sanctuary in a dedicated location in the bay....more>

Bridge Hopes For Riverside

Where's that confounded bridge?! Hopefully it'll be coming soon as plans for a proposed pedestrian bridge connecting Riverside and downtown Riverhead were discussed last week with Eric Wright, a project manager from AECOM, and the Southampton Town Board....more>

Purchase Property, A Decade Later

It took almost 10 years, but he's getting almost $1 million more. After a brief hearing last Thursday night, the East Hampton Town Board voted to pay $3....more>

Vet Returns To Normandy

A couple of weeks ago weekend visitors to Amagansett received a history lesson they will most probably not forget. Part time summer resident and Amagansett Condo owner Frederick (Rick) Carrier was recalling his days of military service and his D Day participation in World War II....more>

Main Course

BLT Steak at Capri Southampton

BLT Steak, the flagship concept from ESquared Hospitality, has returned for its sophomore year at The Capri boutique hotel in Southampton this summer....more>

Night Moves

Night Moves

Deadline for submissions is Thursday at noon. Email to jessica@indyeastend.com. The Beach Huts The Beach Huts are open for the summer offering great food, drinks and music....more>



Week of June 11(Read your rising sign too if you know it) Aries (March 21-April 20) - Your ruler Mars, the action and will force planet, has finally begun to move forward, after his stall mode (having been stuck the entire month of May)....more>

Gallery Walk

Gallery Walk

Deadline for submissions is Thursday at noon. Email to jessica@indyeastend.com. Deconstructing Sayre Barn Southampton Historical Museums and Research Center presents "Deconstructing the Sayre Barn: Photographs by Ulf Skogsbergh," an exhibit of highly detailed oversize photographs featuring what Skogsbergh found to be the most fascinating phase of the reconstruction of the Southampton Historical Museum's Sayre Barn, its deconstruction....more>

Sweet Charities

Sweet Charities

Deadline for submissions is Thursday at noon. Email to jessica@indyeastend.com. Music At Trinity "Music At Trinity," a benefit performance for C.A.S....more>

Jerry's Ink


It seems I repeat this column every few years. Or every time a female teacher has sex with a 16-year-old male student. Let me establish some ground rules here so every one of those people who hates this column can remember what it is about me that they hate....more>

Schwarzenegger And Me

I always think of the "97-pound weakling" growing up, imagining it was something someone like Jerry Della Femina thought up on Madison Avenue, an image so visual it still conjures up bullies kicking sand in my face and taking my bikini-clad girlfriend from me on the beach....more>

More CPF Money Down The Drain

Like drunken sailors, the East Hampton Town Board continues to spend. And, in the proud tradition of the local Democratic Party, loyalists, insiders, and contributors get to share the loot....more>

Defending Steve Coburn's Rant

The story that followed the race at Saturday's Belmont Stakes drew even more attention than the one about the race. California Chrome's bid to become the first horse to win the Triple Crown since 1978 was the first story -- what the horse's owner Steve Coburn said afterwards grabbed the headlines....more>

Perfect Forum Dear Editor, Thank you to The Independent for hosting a joint interview with both Republican candidates in this year's race for the First Congressional District....more>

"Sabby the Lingo?" Maritime Language V

As noted prior, each discipline has a language and that language conveys competency to the listener. This column is part of a series of maritime vocabulary words, so you can sound like the salty ol' mariner you are....more>
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