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Magnificent Muddy Marshes

I was wading chest deep in a pair of waders three sizes too big. I didn't mind; in the water they fit just fine. When the water is high and still coming into the salt marsh, the fishing is a bit better and it passed the time until the tide was low enough for me to explore the inhabitants below my feet....more>

Real Estate Recovery Continues

Sometimes real estate brokers let their natural exuberance overstate market conditions, but this time around no sugar coating is necessary -- the numbers don't lie....more>

Dems "Blueprint" For Governing

They have a good understanding of how government works and how to make it work better. That's how Larry Cantwell, the unopposed candidate for East Hampton Town Supervisor feels about his running mates on the Democratic ticket Job Potter and Kathie Burke-Gonzalez....more>

CPF: Preserving Community Character?

After 15 years in place, a specific fund within the town's budget may be getting tighter policies around it. The Community Preservation Fund, designed in 1998 to protect land used for historic preservation, parks and recreation, open space and agriculture, "has some policy issues....more>

Eden Abused In East Hampton

Dell Cullum has been going to the Nature Trail in East Hampton since he was a child. A professional wildlife photographer, he's taken pictures of animals all over the country, but returns to capture the bucolic scenes in his homeland and especially at the trail, which he calls "The Eden of East Hampton....more>

Recipe of The Week

Peach & Mango Smoothie

Ingredients (serves 4) 2 mangos (peeled & cut off the pit) 3 peaches (cut off the pit) lemon (juiced) 1 c almond milk 6 ice cubes Method Once the ingredients have been prepared, place them all in a blender cup and blend on high until smooth....more>

The Usual Suspects Lead List Of Oscar Hopefuls

By Miles X. Logan And the winner is . . . George Clooney. George Clooney. George Clooney. Is there an echo in here? Actually, no. It's just that the actor/producer/director has a lot of coals on the fire, to put it mildly....more>



ARIES (Mar. 20 - Apr. 20) Wonderful week to do some productive physical things. Build something, move something, go for a walk or a run, just use your body and accomplish something....more>

Coming Attractions

Coming Attractions

Deadline for submissions is Thursday at noon. Email to Jessica@indyeastend.com. Film SummerDocs The Hamptons International Film Festival presents SummerDocs with a screening of The Short Game at Guild Hall in East Hampton on Friday at 8 PM....more>

Night Moves

Night Moves

Deadline for submissions is Thursday at noon. Email to kmerrill@indyeastend.com Gurney's Inn The summer beach concert series, held every Tuesday at sunset, features Planet Groove....more>

Sweet Charities

Sweet Charities

Deadline for submissions is Thursday at noon. Email to Jessica@indyeastend.com. ASPCA ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) hosts an adoption event for local rescued animals at the 38th Annual Hampton Classic Horse Show through Sunday....more>

Kids Need More At Camp Quintipet

Vera Moore, Founder and President of Vera Moore Cosmetics joined Linda B Shapiro of LBS Productions and Natalia Saavedra on August 21 to bring special goodies to campers at Camp Quintipet on Shelter Island....more>

Jerry's Ink


Greenberg my bookie was missing. After I gave him the best 22 years of my life, he disappeared and left me. I had been abandoned. For 22 years, during the football season I would speak to Greenberg every Sunday and Monday....more>

A Day In The Life

Ran into Brad and Bif at polo the other day. Brad tells me Muffin isn't her usual self, must be this dreadful heat. I dare say it's best to stay out of the sun or risk a frightful burn! Went to the club for luncheon....more>

Election Season Is In Full Swing

Whew! Labor Day weekend is upon us, which means for better or worse things will start quieting down a bit and, for locals, some semblance of normalcy will return to our lives....more>

It's Essential: Pre-Rank Your Players

Almost all of the major Fantasy Football hosts have a mechanism to pre-rank players, and it is essential to understand why it is so important to do so....more>

Think Big Dear Editor, In the next 10 years or so, Plum Island will likely come under the jurisdiction of Southold Town. How this diamond in the rough will be zoned and used is of importance not only to Southold but to the entire Peconic Bay region....more>

Before Throwing In The (Electrical) Towel, Give It A Go

Last week, we wrote about various techniques you could try before throwing the towel and calling for help, whether that be the towing services or your brother-in-law....more>
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