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Supermarket Under Siege

A simmering discontent that has pitted furious shoppers against a local Waldbaum's has reached the boiling point. "It's ugly," said Westhampton Beach Village Trustee Hank Tucker about the feud....more>

Reese Witherspoon: Monsters vs. Aliens

If she was actually 49 feet, 11 inches tall, Reese Witherspoon vowed she'd put on "that cat suit and never take it off." The perky blond actress, who stands 5 foot, 2 inches gets a brief sampling of what it would feel like to graduate from the petite department into a towering heroine in DreamWorks Animation's newly released Monsters vs....more>


My hair started to go south when I was 16. I had beautiful head of long blond hair, and one day after I ran my comb through my hair I looked and there was enough hair on my comb for me to make my own Chia Pet out of my lost hair....more>
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