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Nick Monte, In Memoriam: Montauk Mover and Shaker Passes Away

Nick Monte (Montemarano), the adored Innkeeper of Gurney's Inn in Montauk and founder of the American seawater spa, passed away on October 13 in Nevada....more>

East Hampton Candidates Debate

For three hours candidates for local offices fielded questions from the audience . . . and each other. On Sunday the Concerned Citizens of Montauk hosted its 37th annual candidates forum, drawing a crowd of over 60 interested community members....more>
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Vanna White: 25 Years Turning Letters

You'd think that after numerous years of turning letters on television's "Wheel of Fortune" when co-host Vanna White was documented forever in The Guinness Book of World Records it would have been for turning those letters....more>
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