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MS-13 Gang "Entrenched" On Long Island

The East End, like many places around the country, is being infiltrated by a violent gang, the La Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13. Reports of a recent gang-related incident in Greenport have shattered the peace of mind of some residents living in the village and surrounding communities, after two Shelter Island men were savagely beaten by seven gang members brandishing baseball bats....more>

Heaney Answers Critics

Honking horns and cheers of support greeted the group of protestors who stood on Main Street in Hampton Bays this weekend, waving signs that demanded answers of Southampton Town Supervisor Skip Heaney and told illegal immigrants to go home....more>
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Michael Moore Takes on another Goliath

In February of 2006, Michael Moore urged people to e-mail him their personal health care horror stories. The filmmaker was inundated with 25,000 responses the first week....more>
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