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Happy July 4th! Happy July 4th! The Rocket's Red Glare Lights Up East End

It could be argued that replacing artillery with fireworks as the main way to celebrate America's independence from the shackles of royal tyranny and bad English food made for a more visually beautiful way to celebrate July 4, but it certainly took some of the unpredictability out of equation....more>
Skip Shows Them The Money
From Beans To A Beatle, 25 Years Of Roadside Sales
Town To Centralize TDR Program
A Day In The Life Wendy Altieri, Vet Tech
A Stern Policy Ensures Safe Shots
Bishop Promotes Tax Relief For Farmers
Catch Suspected Low Tech Counterfeiter
Decry “Bogus Political Threat”
Gabreski Under Debate
Horse Rescue Breeds Hope
In Southampton Trustee Shatters Barriers
Justify Medevac Stall
More Ticks, More Lyme?
Neptune’s On Historic Site
Rallying For Stem Cell Research A Woman’s Quest For A Cure
Reporter's Notebook
Sheriff Expands Inmate Labor Programs
Arts & Entertainment

DENNIS MILLER: Ranting As A Way Of Life

I don't want to go off on a rant here, but Dennis Miller may be the most gifted comedian working today. What sets Miller apart from his peers is his intelligence -- his obscure references and metaphors have become his trademark....more>
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Americans Fail To Drink From World Cup
Tagging Fish With The American Littoral Association
Gone Fishin' Enough Fish For Everyone
The Traveler Watchman

Solution Sought For Tainted Sand

Cold patch that can be used on the town's roadways may be a viable solution. That's what Steven Gordon of American Site Restoration told the Riverhead Town Board last week....more>
Board Nixes Scopaz
Another Victory For NJROTC
Gone Fishin’ Enough Fish For Everyone
Green Light For Parking Proposal
Improving The Estuary
Legends Moves Into First! N.F. Beach Volleyball Report
Racing Reporter
School Budget Passes
Ship’s Ahoy: Marina’s Unexpected Guests
Tagging Fish With The American Littoral Association
Thousands Expected On 4th
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